Enneagram 3 - The Achiever -

Energetic and purposeful. Enneagram type 3 are one of those people that encourage others to do great and big things. They know it’s possible because they’ve done it themselves. They can achieve what other people have a hard time trying to achieve. A lot of people feel inspired by the Achiever and their self-esteem.


Enneagram Type 3: The Achiever

Let’s talk about the Enneagram Type 3. They’re The Model, The Communicator, The Status Seeker. When they meet their purpose, nothing can hold them back. That determination is crucial to keep Enneagram Type 3s in tune with their main interest: success. They can always go higher, do things better and stand out. That’s The Achiever style and it works well for them until they feel under pressure. When that happens Type Threes can’t rest but they also can’t quit. People, put your sunglasses on because the 3s are ready to shine!

what motivates enneagram Type 3?

The Achiever is really motivated by success. It’s their happiness, their true life goal, the very thing that pushes them forward. Enneagram Type 3, seem unstoppable and it’s kinda true. Nothing could stop them unless they want. Enneagram Type Threes are aware of their virtues, and what they are good at. False modesty is not really their thing. They like to talk about their achievements, duties, dreams and how close they are to reaching them but not in a pretentious way. Type Threes are just really committed to their energy and purpose.

How does enneagram type Three think?

“If I do it right and I succeed I’ll be worth it.” Enneagram 3s want to feel valuable and accepted. The only way they know to achieve that is by living an extraordinary life. Self value is a merit that will increase upon their success. The Achiever plans ahead, aims towards their goals, and works hard to stand out in what they do. They are very self oriented and pragmatic, which makes it easy for them to triumph. The only thing that makes Enneagram Type 3s unfunctional is that sometimes they ignore their feelings as they believe feelings delay their action and could potentially distract them. As a consequence, Type 3s end up feeling disconnected from their deeper interests.

how's enneagram type 3 in love?

Enneagram 3s are seductive and constantly trying to emphasize their high qualities. They show themselves to others as exceptional and unreachable like a star, but they are thirsty for attention and admiration. Type Threes want to be unforgettable. Despite acting like they don’t need anyone, they are scared of connecting deeply with other people so they try to not get involved with them or to hide their feelings. Type Threes also believe that their emotions might hold them back from achieving their goals, which is not practical and can affect their effectiveness.

The best & the worst of Enneagram 3s. The light and the Darkness

A high self-esteem is Enneagram type 3’s main attribute. All the other types look at them wishing they had the same sense of personal worth Type 3s have. The rest of the earthlings have it hard sometimes so they see the Achiever as a model, an inspiration. And that’s because they’re always moving towards their goals. Enneagram 3s are quite aware of their virtues and limitations and they don’t take them seriously (or at least it would seem so). But the one thing people don’t know is that it’s hard to be a Type Three. Constantly wondering whether they will be able to fulfill the image they made of themselves. What happens if the Achiever doesn’t reach the purposes they set for themselves?

Average enneagram Type 3

Sometimes that high self-esteem could rise up to the sky and a Enneagram type 3s could feel like Daenerys without the dragons. This overreaction to their self perception could make them constantly compare themselves to others. In the average behavior, Type 3s are ambitious, always seeking a high status. But they also feel insecure, and the more they do the more they self promote themselves. The Achiever hides their true needs thinking that maybe if they can convince other people of their value they can convince themselves too. 

Enneagram Type 3 The Achiever
Enneagram 3 The Achiever Unhealthy

Unhealthy Enneagram Type 3

“My unhealthy state is the best unhealthy state in the world because I know the best way to be unhealthy” said a type 3… never. It’s hard to admit but behind those amazing and thrilled glory gestures there is a lot of pain and emptiness. Type 3s start to lie about themselves, fooling themselves and others. With all the energy spent to hold up their circus, we could build Lake Pontchartrain Causeway three times. This frustration could appear in the shape of anger and hostility. Appearance finally turns into the projection of what Enneagram Type 3s desire but not what they really are.

Healthy Enneagram Type 3

Enneagram type 3s feel valuable and useful, productive and fulfilled. No one can tell them who they are and say they are a failure because that ghost does not haunt them anymore. Type 3s have already learned that there is nothing to win, they already have what’s essential: themselves. The way other people see them is no longer a limitation but rather a firewood fueling their fire. They inspire Type 3s to be better but they are not their main source of nurturing. Achievers are secure, persistent and focused. They start to thrive because organization and balance improves their work. The best part is that this well-managed energy could lead to Type Threes using their talents for good causes and to help other people.

Enneagram Type 3 The Achiever Healthy
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Enneagram 3 The Achiever
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