Enneagram 7 - The Enthusiast -

Enneagram type 7 is the restless explorer. Type 7s always go after whatever makes them feel alive. They are like a Pandora box, nobody knows what’s coming next. Spontaneous, versatile and highly stimulated Sevens’ are up to new intense things.


Enneagram type 7: The Enthusiast

Imagine one of those typical quiet Sundays where nothing happens and everything seems as deserted as ghost towns in western movies. Well, Type 7s’ life is the complete opposite. Even in a desert they can find something to do or goals to achieve. But sometimes the emotion involved in finding the oasis can make other water sources go unnoticed. Anyway, Sevens know it’s worth it. Like a butterfly, they flutter around chasing beauty and joy. Life is a plethora of experiences and the Enthusiast wants them all. They’ve got a thirst for life, but unbalanced as they are, Sevens end up never getting satisfied.

what motivates enneagram Type 7?

Satisfaction and joy. Life is beautiful, mysterious and infinite. In some way Enneagram Type 7s can’t stand the idea of leaving this world without seeing everything around and finding what’s out there for them. Every single moment of pain is even more painful if they think it’s a waste of time. As Sevens fight against those feelings, anxiety cheerfully escalates in their mind just like king kong escalated the Empire State building. Actions are slower than thoughts, which in the Enthusiasts’ case seem to travel in a bullet train. Very used to that rhythm, their thoughts can lose track since they don’t really know what to pay attention to first. Everything seems so amazing and valuable!

Always dancing to Celia Cruz’s song, Enneagram Type 7s feel like life is a carnival and pain goes away just by singing or thinking about newer and challenging ideas. It’s such a pity that they need to sleep, uh? C’mon evolution!

How does enneagram type Seven think?

Let’s go back to the King Kong’s scene. Enneagram 7s may be wondering why on earth that’s useful? And they’re right, it’s not. At all. I just wanted to show them how obsessed they are with doing only useful things. “Relax and keep reading, Seven”. Back to the scene. There is something we can highlight: the Empire State of mind. With Type 7s highly stimulated, resourceful and out-of-hand mind, every seed seems to grow on their soil. But seeds can also perish while Sevens go for another crazy idea that very same seed brought to their mind. Experiences are the wind that blows Type 7s mind, they feel easily amazed by worldly things. The Enthusiasts’ eyes, like the ones of a scientist, observe everything around them honestly thirst for knowledge. “Welcome to the circus of life!” Said the doctor who once brought a Seven to this world. Well, it was “circle”, but Seven obviously misheard it.

how's enneagram type 7 in love?

Love can be the most attractive thing for Enneagram type 7s. It feels like the first love, when your life story becomes a movie you watch in the front row seat. All those incredible feelings while “Fireworks” by Katy Perry plays in the background. Do you often get lost in love fields? Does everything run fast and intense like the trilogy of Before Sunrise? Or do you want to live a love story like that one? Sights! That’s what 7s look like! And they should be glad. They are huge fans of love since it represents the plenitude of life and it gives them unbelievable shots of energy to face life as it should be faced. But as soon as their idealization approaches reality, they can feel really disappointed and alone. It’s hard to compromise and stand by something that ‘s not exactly as you imagined.

The best & the worst of the 7s. The light and the Darkness

You: Darkness? I don’t have any time for that.
Me: Yes, I know.
You: I bet you can’t name anything that scares me. (stands with arms crossed)
Me: Routine!
You: (hides behind the curtains with uncovered feet) Go away! You are boring me!
No, I’m not laughing at Sevens. I’m laughing with them. Now, seriously, is there anything worse than routine to Type 7s? Boredom? Well, that too. But their main fear, the very thing that scares them to their bones, is something else. Something that is always out there and Sevens are constantly afraid of getting close to it: Living a miserable, boring, common, meaningless life. So, whatever takes Enneagram type 7s far from that dreadful life sounds ok to them even though it might take them apart from themselves too. That’s a price Enthusiasts are willing to pay. However, when things go well, they can thrive, flourish and lighten up every place they go to. Sevens get satisfaction and grace from each thing they do, as they choose to do them with awareness and are focused on what they want.

Average enneagram Type 7

In the average state it’s easy to get excited with new projects. Sevens’ mind picture incredibly funny scenarios, things they got to try, places they want to go to and so on. Life is promising. That gets Type 7s high for a while but, everything that goes up must come down eventually. They hate the low downs, the flat zones. So, as soon as they start feeling trapped by boredom or time, they take a deep breath and run back like a thunder. The good thing is that their sparkling energy usually takes them to interesting places where their eyes – trained to see opportunities and pleasure everywhere – always find nurturing experiences they can learn from. If Enneagram 7s allow themselves to stare, great things can grow up from that. Their agile mind, always looking for beauty and pleasure, is able to create those experiences too.

Enneagram Type 7 The Enthusiast
Enneagram Type 7 The Enthusiast Unhealthy

Unhealthy Enneagram Type 7

Just a little swipe is enough to go from the average state to the unhealthy one. It’s always best to watch out and never speed up on a bike with broken brakes. I know what I mean – it still hurts – all I’m saying is that Type 7s know how enrolling in a lot of activities feels like. Going from one activity to the other, while life passes by. Time becomes something one uses up and not something we got. Like a fork, a tool used to eat that doesn’t feed one on itself. It’s easy to forget one’s priorities, while your clock’s ticking, so Sevens end up losing sight of what they want or desire, who they want to be, and which are their limits. Like time, everything is relative, so they finally are stepping on their shadow’s shadow just to run faster away from it. One might think they’re escaping from it but they are running towards it.

Healthy Enneagram Type 7

When the bike is OK, when the chain is lubed up and the brakes work well, it’s time for Type 7s to adventure themselves into the chosen trail. They just need to pedal up and they’ll come back home like E.T. With the spell that made Sevens see light where there were only reflections broken, they live in a mirage. It’s scary if you think, but surrendering brings exactly what you are fighting for. Thanks to the Enthusiasts’ magnificent awareness they are capable of feeling wisdom and joy just where they are. That does not make them settle, but value every stage as a destination. Finally, Type 7s meet and enjoy peace. No more anxiety surrounding all the things they are missing. They’ve finally chosen which aspect of life to embody without trying to live all of them at once. They feel grateful, everything seems an open field.

Enneagram Type 7 The Enthusiast Healthy
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