Enneagram 6 - The Loyalist -

Enneagram type 6, The charming and indecipherable loyalist, the one who is steadfast with earnest gestures. The one that explores both extremes looking for what’s safe, and undeniably desires a faithful relationship to feel supported and accompanied.


Enneagram type 6: The Loyalist

The loyal, the faithful believer and the skeptical one. Yes, Enneagram 6s are kind of an embodied contradiction. With a sharpened analytical sense, they scan over people and the environment to detect any possible threats. People’s inconsistencies are clear red flags Type 6s don’t miss. Even written and proven things – as the ones we’re going to tell you here – need to win their trust. That’s intimately attached to Sixes’ steady loyalty and their values. This could also make them very anxious and lead them to self-sabotage sometimes. As the Loyalist only trusts their own resources, life softens and they can take their loyalty and charm to the highest level.

what motivates enneagram Type 6?

The truth is – drum roll – nobody can hurt Sixes. Their strengths, their restless pursuit of a place to call home, is like the light of a star that travels through space to reach the unknown. All they have been through shows that Type 6s can deal with anything, but they better work when they are open-hearted. Nobody knows what is ahead of us. 

To let go of the rope and lower their defenses, Enneagram 6s just need to feel supported. To finally find that place or person that makes them feel safe. But the problem is that they won’t find anything genuine by being defensive. Taking the risk is too much just yet. 

How does enneagram type Six think?

“It’s either one way or the other, there’s no middle ground” – That’s Enneagram 6s motto.
Although that works well for the rest of the people, Sixes are different. They try to fit in a certain fixed position, but their willingness to find out the truth, what’s right and safe gets the bouncing from place to place, losing their well-known steadiness. They have the right to doubt everything, nothing can control them unless they allow it.
In other words, the Loyalist is like Hannah Montana: they get the best of both worlds going back and forth between two poles, afraid to stay in the wrong place while slowly dying. The self-image they have is both weak and strong, capable and powerless, passive and aggressive, and so on. 

how's enneagram type 6 in love?

In the field of love Enneagram 6s are like a peacock. Hey, don’t underestimate the sexual power of a peacock. Their special plumage is designed to attract their potential mate’s attention. When Sixes like someone they show out their virtues and securities and display themselves with extreme care for their appearance, irradiating security and a challenging attitude against authority.
Usually, Type 6s look up to powerful figures that inspire them and they measure themselves with them. They like to know where people stand so they’re constantly proving themselves to them and to themselves as well. Sometimes, when anxious or under stress, Enneagram Sixes react against people that support them which could hurt their relationship. Deeply, Type 6s are saying “Love me and I’ll be yours”, but sometimes it’s hard for other people to get to them, since they keep them distant hoping to be in control.

The best & the worst of Enneagram 6s. The light and the Darkness

Nobody can change their values. Enneagram 6s steadiness is as solemn as a flag pole and it’s the ground they base their decisions on. Values are their essence. But as soon as fear takes over they start to swarm towards extreme stances. Unbending as they are, Sixes can’t show their weakness so they rather take extreme measures even if they aren’t 100% sure than hesitating and showing uncertainty.

Average enneagram Type 6

In an average state, Enneagram Type 6s look for supportive people but at the same time they are afraid of losing their independence. That fine balance is hard to get because it may turn into a power competition since they are paranoid they might be deceived. Sixes analytic skills keep them always one step ahead so they feel prepared and safe for anything that might happen, even the worst case scenario. Slowly, Type 6s get into a constant alarm state that makes them defensive and react aggressively. 

Enneagram Type 6 The Loyalist
Enneagram Type 6 The Loyalist Unhealthy

Unhealthy Enneagram Type 6

Suspicious and wounded, Sixes may bark and bite if needed. They hope they don’t have to react like that. It’s not pleasant. But at the same time it feels good as they feel they are guarding their space. Loyalty and good values are very precious to Enneagram Type 6s, so they believe they are hard to find and everyone deserves to get these from them. In the bottom of the darkness, Type Sixes beg for support since they don’t trust themselves anymore. At the same time, if they’re not worth it, why trust people that approach them with good intentions? Everyone seems so cynical. Remember what Dumbledore said: “Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?”. It’s definitely real. It’s our story and pains talking to us, willing to be enlightened.

Healthy Enneagram Type 6

Once Enneagram Type 6s give themselves what they’re looking for in others, they feel the authentic freedom. There is no more need of holding their banners up elsewhere because they belong to them (by the way, what a graceful feeling. OMG!) and their defensive walls break down. Nothing is more silent than an open heart, all the mind noise will shush. The backwaters attract beautiful creatures, Type 6s will unfailingly find what they need to feel plenty. Faithful, hopeful and friendly. There is no need for any peacock mating performance. Their own energy is irresistible on itself. Their natural surrender to love finally seizes the moment. (Love me, Loyal Type, everyone wants to be loved by you)

Enneagram Type 6 The Loyalist Healthy
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