Enneagram 8 - The Challenger -

Enneagram type 8 is a natural leader. Will and power sparkle at their hands. They want to rule the world and stand out, and they do so because they’re the most outstanding type.


Enneagram type 8: The Challenger

Ready to set their kingdom up, Type 8s step up into life with strength. Self-assertive and always showing a half-smile, they want the world to know they are here. Not scared at all. It showed them how harsh and dangerous things can be, so now it’s Eights’ time to show the world how fearless and outstanding they are. Their fingers tickle for power. The Challenger will never settle for something small. They know they have the ability to go up and up. If Type 8s know how to play their cards and learn to control their over controlling obsession, surely they’ll thrive and inspire others as the star they are. Eights just need to learn to pick their battles and connect.

what motivates enneagram Type 8?

I can see a Type 8 walking through long halls in slow motion while [insert soundtrack here] plays in the background. Enneagram Eights are the lions of the Enneagram. They love to be in charge, doing things their way as they think that’s the best for everyone. We appreciate that, 8s (shaking).
Enneagram 8s life is based on protecting themselves from everything and everyone, but with an aggressive response. They don’t wait for the world to attack, they go first. Eights impact and establish what they want. Nothing more, nothing less… ok, maybe more is better.

How does enneagram type eight think?

Being soft? That’s for marshmallows. As they see you, they treat you. That’s why the Challenger worked really hard to build their powerful and respectable persona. They think the world is tough – and they’re not wrong – but it makes them always be on guard. Nobody challenges them easily, and if someone dares to, Eights fight back even harder. Enforcing their self-confidence and self-assertive attitude. People see Enneagram 8s as huge and unbreakable, and this image they project also reinforces their own beliefs. It’s easy for them to go around with their heart bursting with pride. Type 8s think their value relies on always being in control. Otherwise, they feel helpless and scared to death of being hurt.

how's enneagram type 8 in love?

Love can be another fighting zone for 8s. Restlessyou keep demanding what you want from your lovers. You feel good while dominating the relationship and oftenly, try to fit them into your expectations or to mold them. That could cause some tension or hurt the bond. But, there is a natural fighting instinct in you, if there is no tension and challenges to the relationship you’ll sooner get bored of it. Anyone could think that once you are in a safe place, like an intimate bond, you could lower your guard, but no, just the opposite. The more vulnerable you feel, the more aggressive you can get. So it’s common to be competitive in love. If you open your heart, your lover must know that’s a huge thing and it must be at the highs with the same degree of delivery.

The best & the worst of Enneagram 8. The light and the Darkness

Rights may be thinking, “Hey, but how can I be both fearless and in constant fear at the same time?” Honestly, they know it better than anyone. If there’s something the Enneagram teaches us is that opposite sides are not paradoxical, but rather two sides of the same coin. Type 8s fearless attitude comes from their survival instinct: you gotta get what’s yours because nobody’s gonna give you anything. Their shadows and lights come from their courage and self-confidence.

Average enneagram Type 8

In an average state, Enneagram Type 8s are as self-assertive as always although sometimes they could feel stripped off of resources and silently succumb to fear. To make up for that Eights have to strengthen their methods and expand themselves. They want to feel in control of any situation, and become combative and hostile. Just waiting for the moment to show other people they are in charge or in advantage. The powerful energy of the 8s makes their average a bit extreme. So, imagine the strength that they carry on their hands. But, as Uncle Ben once said: “With great power comes great responsibility”.

Enneagram Type 8 The Challenger
Enneagram Type 8 The Challenger Unhealthy

Unhealthy Enneagram Type 8

The constant feeling of danger makes Type 8s paranoid and aggressive. They protect themselves by being a step forward and displaying your power before someone even thinks of hurting them. Pain and fear are so difficult to face since they make you feel so weak that you start with self-destructive attitudes without considering the limits or danger. Isolated behind their power mask, Eights’ main fear comes true, the world turns into a wilder place full of threats and they are alone. This increases their hate driving them to be vengative and delay their pace in anger.

Healthy Enneagram Type 8

When healthy, Enneagram Type 8s don’t need to demonstrate they are always in charge of everything. They open-heartedly know that trusting other people (following their instinct) could be fruitful. Now their power rises from the bottom of true confidence and peace with the world. It’s not necessary to be on guard, it’s exhausting, then Eights know that being ok with themselves, they are never alone. Self-assertive and ingenious, they make things happen. People get inspired by the Challenger and its strong presence. Strategic and determined, there is nothing that resists their will. Unstoppable, their natural leadership skyrockets without conflicts with the environment and other people because it comes from a safe place and it’s constructive. Self-reliant, Type 8s know they can do anything and they know it from their souls, not their ego.

Enneagram Type 8 The Challenger Healthy
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