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Get to Know Yourself! Go Deep To Reach Your Higher Self

Learn how you think. Take the chance to get to know yourself better. Identify your strengths and growth opportunities. Take this submarine trip to the deepest parts of your personality to reach the highest version of yourself.


Find out your Compatibility with the Other personality types

Explore other personality types and become more active in your relationships. Pay attention to how you relate with others and how you are in love.


Find Specific Advice That Will Help You Become Your Best Version

Learn to identify the best aspects of your personality type, how to foster them, and how to keep improving the qualities that help you evolve.


Identify your main Challenges and how to face them

Empower yourself and learn the recipe to overcome difficult situations. Get the tools to work on your personality with kindness and assertiveness.

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What Personality Type Are You?

What Personality Type Are You?

Have you ever heard someone saying “I’m a type 1” to justify their behavior? Well, they were talking about the Enneagram Test.

This Free Enneagram Test will help you dive deeply into your personality, learn your “good” and “bad” sides, and how to become your best version.

Find out what challenges you have and learn to relate to other personalities.

Are you curious to learn your type? Take the Quiz. 

This Enneagram Test Will Reveal Your True Personality.

Enneagram Types

What are the 9 enneagram personality types?


Enneagram 1

The Reformer is the idealist and principled. The one who, self-convinced and justice-oriented, raises things up to their highest version. 


Enneagram 2

In love of the love. The Helper is the one who loves to please and irradiate kindness by delivering themselves to others.


Enneagram 3

The Achiever is an energic type with a lot of self-awareness that could turn into someone empowered. They are pure potential and determination. 


Enneagram 4

The Individualist, Eternal Walker of the Inward Halls, who can create a masterpiece and has to trespass Inner Currents to reach The Natural Self.


Enneagram 5

The Investigator of the Golden Source, the tenacious explorer of the human mind that holds in his hand secretive brilliance.


Enneagram 6

The Loyalist, tenacious guardians of their values, will fight for safety and consistency. Friendly and earnest. They embody the contradictions.


Enneagram 7

The Enthusiast, the Multitasker & Cheerful. The one who thinks she is late for something or that she is missing something important.


Enneagram 8

The Challenger, The Rampaging Spirit That Wants To Eat The World. Powerful & Self-Confident And Is Always On The Defense. 


Enneagram 9

The Peacemaker The Reassuring Ones who try to keep peace of mind and serenity whether inside or outside of themselves.

Enneagram Triads

what is an enneagram triad?

enneagram triads

The Enneagram Triads are a key part of the Enneagram structure. There are 9 personality types divided into 3 groups called the Enneagram triads. Understanding what they mean gives you a deeper insight into each Enneagram type and how they interconnect. The triads are a subdivision of the Enneagram system based on the way each type relates to reality through three differential centers: head, heart, and gut.

Enneagram Wings

learn everything about enneagram wings

The Enneagram wings are the Enneatypes located on both sides of your Enneagram type. If you’re a type 9, for example, your Enneagram wings would be type 8 and 1. 

As the Enneagram itself represents the interconnection amongst the 9 personality types brought forth by human nature, each Enneatype is not an absolutely singular thing. The wings show us the connection degree between our predominant types and neighboring types.

Enneagram wings
Understand Others

Invite Friends, Family Members, And Colleagues

This assessment compares your results to your friends, family members, and colleagues to provide valuable insights into how your relationships work and how to engage most effectively.

Discovering our personality is a distinctive self-development tool. It gives us more self-awareness and the potential to dig deeper into who we are. Inviting people we love to take the test shows them how much we care. Loving is wishing for their happiness. 

Enneagram FAQ's

frequently asked questions

The free Enneagram Test is a guide that allows you to identify your personality design by just taking a quiz. Its accuracy lies in your honesty. There is no lie-detector, but the more honest you are the more accurate the test will serve as an empowering tool.

This method will walk you through a self-knowledge trip that, with self-compassion, will make you the main character of your tale and the script writer of your life.

The Enneagram system is made of 3 symbols: a circle that represents integrity, The Whole, an equilateral triangle that represents Balance, and, last but not least, a six-pointed star that represents Dynamism, or The Evolution we live in. 

The Enneagram has 9 Enneatypes, or in other words, 9 psychological skeletons, mental frameworks, or personality types. To learn yours, just take the Enneagram personality test. Then, check the results and find your personality type on the star.

The Enneagram Universe test is widely regarded as one of the most accurate Enneagram tests available. With 180 phrases that can be answered on a scale from “almost never” to “almost always,” this comprehensive and scientifically validated test provides valuable insights into your Enneagram type.

It’s a trusted and reliable tool within the Enneagram area for self-discovery and understanding. If you’re looking for an accurate Enneagram test, the Enneagram Universe test is an excellent choice.

There are 9 Enneagram test types. Each one characterizes a particular profile named after its most highlighted trait. Take the free Enneagram test to learn yours and find yourself in the Enneagram star.

Self-discovery is healing because you stop comparing yourself to others as you understand your structure. Like the composition of a story, everything starts to make sense. Personal growth happens when you take the leap beyond your fears and expectations, when you change and stop being your personality to be the Real You.

The complete test (most recommended) is 180 questions long (multiple choice). It refreshes your mindset by changing your functioningI It only takes 30 to 40 minutes to get this tool for life.

Knowing your Enneagram type will help you learn how much in common you have with other personality types. Each new person, friend, couple, or partner provides an opportunity to learn and evolve. 

Their personality traits will reflect our positive and negative facets waiting for integration. 

Taking a look at your compatibility with other Enneatypes will improve your relationship with them. Take advantage of this information to deepen and strengthen your relationships when it comes to family, work, friends, and even love. 

Since the 9 types are harmonically distributed around the Enneagram circle, each Enneatype has two wings on each side. Wings work by individualizing each profile and defining a new subtype; they allow us to better identify our spiritual challenges ahead.


Enneagram Wings are the related types that have things in common with your Enneatype. They can potentiate our main traits or soften them according to their style. 

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