Enneagram 9 -The Peacemaker -

The utopian who wants to keep heaven on Earth. Optimistic, a healer and a serene spirit who wants to make peace a state of mind. Enneagram Type 9 usually avoid conflicts in order to keep a balanced and calm atmosphere. By increasing their mediation skills they soften problems although it could be better to face them.


Enneagram type 9: The Peacemaker

Like a spring breeze, Nines wash the air away with peace and serenity. They are honest and peaceful people who want to live free in a harmonious environment. Naturally good, Enneagram Type 9s are a purely nice company, they know how to connect with people. Bringing people together and sharing experiences is something Nines are good at. They avoid everything that brings them trouble which sometimes turns into a passive attitude that can deeply hurt them. When the Peacemaker understands that boundaries, communication and self-expression do not necessarily lead to conflict as they are just a display of self-love, they never lose themselves to conflict.

what motivates enneagram Type 9?

Peace of mind. Everyone wants that, but Type 9s are its first guardian. Nobody works harder than them to keep peace and serenity. Nines can’t stand tension and conflict. They have a bad time in that atmosphere. They feel nervous and distressed. It’s hard to live in that world, it’s a wild one. So Peacemakers realize that they feel safer surrounded by nice people. If people are ok, then so are you.

What happens if everything turns bad and Enneagram Type 9s feel threatened? Would they be able to respond the way it takes? They are scared of facing that alone, stalked by danger. Madness and the world’s darkness freak Nines out, so they run to their safe space where everything is solved by singing hakuna matata.

How does enneagram type Nine think?

Hopeless romantic, Nines tend to merge with their lovers. It’s easy for them to blend their life with their significant other’s and feel complete as if that person was their half-watermelon (an orange is too bitter for 9’s sweetness). This kung-fusion can drive Type 9s to constant disappointment and depression because it’s just an idealization. They dissociate easily from themselves, losing their identity and feeling ashamed, insecure and in a sadness loop. As Nines see it, love is too much turbulence for their balloon ride.
Enneagram 9s are called utopians because of their stubborness to maintain peace and harmony. Love is always an intense bond that could destabilize them since they put too much effort to preserve serenity in the relationship. They usually avoid conflicts by sweeping them under the rug and they give in, to comfort the other’s needs. The Peacemaker needs to be clear with their boundaries, this will help them avoid falling into abusive relationships and de-dramatizing conflict. It’s ok not to agree with others. Conflicts when well managed can be another way to deepen the bond.

how's enneagram type 9 in love?

Hopeless romantic, you use to merge with your lover. It’s easy to blend your life with the other’s feeling complete, like it was actually your half-watermelon (orange is too acidic for your sweetness). This kung-fusion can drive you to constant disappointment and depression because it’s just an idealization. You dissociate easily from yourself, losing your identity and feeling ashamed, insecure and in a sadness loop. As you see, love is too much turbulence for your balloon ride.

The 9s are called the utopian because of their stubborness to maintain peace and harmony. Love is always an intense bond, wave breaking, and this could destabilize you since you put so much effort to preserve serenity in the relationship. You usually avoid conflicts, flap them under the carpet and you give in, to comfort the other’s needs. Be clear with your limits, this will help you to avoid falling into abusive relationships and de-dramatize conflict, it’s ok not to agree with the other, conflicts when approached in good terms can be another way to deepen the bond.

The best & the worst of the 9s. The light and the Darkness

Enneagram Type 9s empathy and inner peace make it easy for them to soften the tension and face drama because they don’t take things personally. People admire Enneagram Type 9s ability to support, heal and bring an optimistic vibe. But when it comes to themselves, sometimes their way of solving problems is just avoiding them or being complacent to other’s needs. Nines do whatever it takes to keep the peace and love structure around them. That’s cool! Not everything needs to be solved right away, but this can easily turn into a comfort zone where they stay paralized.

Average enneagram Type 9

Life is badly designed. Conflicts are really unnecessary. So, why pay attention to them? The more Nines face them, the more their inner peace goes away. Enneagram Type 9s look like those cartoons that try to hold things up to keep them from falling by using their whole bodies: nose, ears, mouth, hands and feet to hang glasses, forks, plates, spoons. But it just takes a single blow to make everything fall apart! Living this way, avoiding all problems can be exhausting and it takes a lot of self-repression. But it’s ok, Type 9s feel covered, as long as things keep rolling calmly.
Little by little, they put themselves last. Then they claim recognition, but there is no record of their true feelings or needs so it’s hard to explain it to others.

Enneagram 9 The Peacemaker
Enneagram 9 The Peacemaker Unhealthy

Unhealthy Enneagram Type 9

The storm inside the calmness. Just bad weather and loneliness. How to get out of oneself? In an unhealthy state Enneagram Type 9s are full of uncontrolled feelings. They feel anger, frustration, self-hatred, and they feel lost. All their ignored creatures inside start an inner revolution. Calm is completely broken and Nines feel horrible, but why? Why is this happening to them if they do just the opposite? Well, conflict is part of life. The correct management of it could lead to growth. But ignoring it just deepens the wounds. It’s a time bomb that’s about to explode. As the Peacemaker doesn’t have peace, they aren’t able to give it back.

Healthy Enneagram Type 9

Peacemakers are inspiring and have a rare beauty. Their integrity, which puts all inside them together makes them feel great, in peace and boosts up their creativity. Nines admire themselves and become more independent. They no longer get lost in other people. They express their feelings with harmony and security, because they know that expressing their will is not necessarily confrontation. Freedom and breathable air runs through Type 9s’ veins, they can now expel natural peace from their spirit. Finally, they feel at peace, and stop feeling abandoned. Enneagram Type 9s have the most important and pleasing company: themselves. Troubles and tension can happen, but they’ve learned to face them in their own way, so they are no longer a problem!

Enneagram 9 The Peacemaker Healthy
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Enneagram 9

The Peacemaker The Reassuring Ones, Who Try To Keep Peace Of Mind And Serenity Whether Inside And Outside Of Them.

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