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Enneagram 9 the Peacemaker

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We all are excited to discover who we truly are. When we get across these kinds of tests that promise to reveal how we are, we feel curious. Curiosity is a normal sensation people have when they want to find out something new, when they have a theory they want to confirm or refute. Curiosity tells us that we are always  ignoring more that we already know, which indicates to us the infinite path of knowledge.

Curiosity is a gift we all have and could train. But, does not seem weird we are intrigued about knowing ourselves? I mean, we have lived all our life with ourselves, being ourselves or acting who we are. How is it possible that we still can’t.

acknowledge with blind faith who we are? We can’t answer who we are with the same confidence as we answer  that the sun rises from the east. But, ok, Does the East really exist? Or is it just a social construction to order the space and create a human sense of life?

Everything is about tales. We are tales that tell a version of ourselves. Which version are we telling us about ourselves? That’s what the enneagram will help us to discover. it’s not the end of the trail, it’s just a coordinate to transcend the tale and find out the meaning, the original sense, the essence, the natural inner self.


How long does enneagram test take?

The Complete Free Enneagram test takes about 40 minutes to complete and it’s Free. It includes 144 questions and will help you determined with 90% effectivity your enneagram type.

You can also take a Free Short Enneagram test with only 2 questions, that takes less than 5 minutes to complete and will help you narrow down your likely type.

To get a fuller picture, the complete test will give more reliable results.

What is the enneagram test RHETI?

The Rheti enneagram test indicates the main enneatype in a person, and develops a profile that shows the influence of each of the nine enneatypes on their personality. It is based on the theory of Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson, authors of the book: “The Wisdom of the Enneagram”. The test consists of 144 statements, where you will have to select the most familiar option, the one that best describes your personality. The approximate duration is 45 minutes.

Which Enneagram test is more accurate?

The Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator (RHETI® version 2.5) is the most accurate Enneagram Personality Test made, and you can take it for free (Using the  the Complete Enneagram test button) 

What Enneagram type am I?

The enneagram test types are 9. Each one is a manifestation of a particular profile with accentuated traits represented on their names. Discover yours, take the free Enneagram test and find yourself into the Enneagram figure. 

Self-discovery is healing. Because you stop comparing yourself with others as you understand your structure, like a story composition, everything starts making sense. Personal growth happens when you leap beyond your fears and expectations, when you transform and stop being your personality to be the Real You.

What does an enneagram test tell you?

This Enneagram Test gives you deep information about you. The Enneagram personality test reveals what your main motivation is as a person, shows how this affects your personal growth, what your biggest challenges are and describes how your interactions with personalities are.  

Enneagram 8 The Challenger