Enneagram Personality type descriptions

If you want to know how many enneagram types there are and what each one means, carefully read this simple and complete enneagram type description.

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Enneagram Type Descriptions Explained

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Enneagram 1

The Reformer is the idealist and principled. The one who, self-convinced and justice-oriented, raises things up  to their highest version. 


Enneagram 2

In love of the love. The Helper is the one who loves to please and irradiate kindness by delivering themselves to others.


Enneagram 3

The Achiever is an Energic type with a lot of self-awareness that could turn into someone empowered. They are pure potential and determination. 


Enneagram 4

The Individualist, Eternal Walker Of The Inward Halls, Who Can Create A Masterpiece And Has To Trespass Inner Currents To Reach The Natural Self.


Enneagram 5

The Investigator Of The Golden Source, The Tenacious Explorer Of The Human Mind That Grabs In His Hand Secretive Brilliance.


Enneagram 6

The Loyalist, Tenacious Guardians Of Their Values, Will Fight For Safety And Consistency. Friendly And Earnest. They Embody The Contradictions. 


Enneagram 7

The Enthusiast, the Multitasker & Cheerful. The One Who Thinks Is Getting Late For Somewhere Or That Is Missing Something Important.


Enneagram 8

The Challenger, The Rampaging Spirit That Wants To Eat The World. Powerful & Self-Confident And Is Always On The Defense. 


Enneagram 9

The Peacemaker The Reassuring Ones, Who Try To Keep Peace Of Mind And Serenity Whether Inside And Outside Of Them.

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