Enneagram with wings

The Enneagram wings are the enneatypes located on both sides of your Enneagram type. If you’re a type 9, for example, your Enneagram wings would be type 8 and 1.

Our wings are other types that have lots in common with our own type, as they are directly related. They can enhance or diminish our Type traits according to their own traits.

Enneagram wings

What do enneagram wings mean?

Your Enneagram wings are like Rose’s arms wide open in the famous Titanic deck scene: they help you fly. The Enneagram represents the interconnection amongst the 9 personality types brought forth by human nature. This means that each enneatype is not an absolutely singular thing. And the Enneagram wings show us the connection degree between predominant types and neighboring types.

We like to describe Enneagram types and their wings as sunrise’s color palette. Nature is an expert when it comes to gradients. Every beautiful landscape has them. And so do we. When you’re taking the Enneagram test, keep an eye on your wings to see what your blend is made of. Enneagram wings refine each personality type, showing how complex our structure is, and at the same time, they make understanding ourselves a lot easier. When we take wings into account, Enneagram types are more accurate and precise, a more assertive self-discovery tool than when we focus exclusively on the main enneatype.

Why is Understanding Enneagram Wings Important?

When you take the Enneagram personality test, you get a result that matches you with one of the nine types that thrive on the Enneagram star. You start reading the description, and that’s totally you. But, at the same time, it feels too generic. Enneagrams are archetypes, which means they draw a particular psychological profile with specific patterns and personality traits. But, the Enneagram wings update this information into a more polished profile with defined attributes. That being the case, knowing your wing is as important as knowing your predominant type, especially if you want a holistic view of your enneatype.

In some way, Enneagram wings bring humanity to its dominant profiles. Far from being just consistent definite types, humans are contradictory and full of chiaroscuro features that provide them with density and depth. What best defines humans are their stories, and there are plenty of movement and internal collisions within them. The Enneagram type with its wings is a whole personality story that best portrays who you are. Are you ready to listen to it? I bet you are!


How do enneagram wings work?

The Enneagram wings heavily influence our behavior. Perhaps viewing them as just neighbor types make us think they are a big part of our personality, but it’s quite the opposite. Wings are like river waters flowing into the ocean. They are so important that sometimes we may think the ocean has always been sweet. An Enneagram with its wings is a complete description that illustrates how complex we are. By understanding how wings work, we learn to enhance or diminish specific traits in order to reach our healthiest version. We’re not locked into one archetype; we have things in common with our wings and the better we know them the deeper we’ll know ourselves and our contradictions.

Each Enneagram type has its own fears and motivations, and is desire-driven. And although they may seem similar, there are nuances that make them different. That’s why we are giving you the chance to read in detail what makes your personality a unique masterpiece. The Enneagram personality test is the shortcut to an otherwise long and bumpy road.

How to read enneagram wings

From left to right. From the top to the bottom. Anything else is just a matter of self-awareness. Seems hard? It isn’t! Once you use the Enneagram test results as a mental map for this inner journey, you will see things more clearly. Then, making decisions is not going to be that huge and risky of a deal anymore because you know yourself. Once you internalize your dominant type and your Enneagram wings, you’ll be able to “adapt” your wing attributes whenever you need to and feel it works for your health. This expert-level management of your self-structure is only possible with practice and willingness to dive into the Enneagram test results. The first step to achieving it is believing you can!

Honesty and good memory will help you better determine which are your wings and how to use them to fly. Cliché or not, they are called wings for a reason! (But let’s not take it too literally, please.) Pay attention to the core motivations of each Enneagram wing so you can identify yours. Don’t think this is about guessing or choosing. It’s a matter of facts, mechanisms, and common behaviors. Do you know your wing already?

How To Find Your Wing

When we talk about finding our wings, it doesn’t mean we’ve lost them. Reality is a reflection of the information we have in hand about life, and it’s the same for Enneagram wings. Once you are willing to discover your personality type and read its core motivations, fears, and strengths, the answer will gradually appear before your eyes. It’s knowledge doing its thing. The next step is to determine which wing you rely on the most. Keep it simple: the Enneagram type is your core personality type; you also have a dominant wing that spins around. The same way people are usually more skilled with one hand than the other, we have a dominant wing that better matches us.

Think about different situations of your life and add your Enneagram (core and wings) filter to it. You will start distinguishing your mechanisms and which wing responds to it. Be patient. Pay attention and you’ll find your Enneagram type and wings to help you fully understand yourself. Finding your wing enables you to have more self-compassion and follow your emotions and reactions. Prepare yourself to get past those limiting thoughts that set you apart from your inner peace.

The Difference Between Your Core Type And Your (Dominant) Wing

The core type is your Enneagram type, the one that sets the pattern and defines how you relate with the environment and build your relationships. At the same time, you also have a dominant wing, which is one of the two enneatypes located at your core type sides. One of them has more influence than the other. We could say that the dominant wing is a second artist that offers a final touch to the original work. 

Both core type and dominant wing interact with each other by creating new shapes. This interaction is not free of tension and contradictions. They actually coexist in a rather wild way until we take the test and identify them. Once we’re ready to separate the core type from the dominant wing, we get to the source of our life. Acknowledging this allows us to get to know our mechanisms and use them to evolve and feel well. Self-knowledge is the most powerful thing. By knowing your Enneagram type and wings, you’ll change your mindset to be more truthful to your real self, your essence. You will then prosper! 

Can Your Wings Change Over Time?

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving. That means that due to the ever-changing state of life, your second wing may eventually start to play its role. There’s no assurance it will happen, but it could. As life’s challenges foster it, our second wing may show us its own baggage. We already have all that information “installed” in us. Like solar-powered lights that light up when the sun goes down, some mechanisms wake up when required or triggered by the environment.

With that in mind, it’s best to know it all. Both out wings, not just the dominant. It could be interesting to notice its awakening and why it happened. Feeling amazed? Get used to the amazement! The human mind is an endless ocean that’s been studied for centuries. And yet no one can say the work is all done. Just don’t forget that self-discovery is a personal journey to a unique universe that only you can access. The engines are running; need a ride? 

The Best Enneagram Wings Test

The best Enneagram wing test is the full version we shared here. Keep in mind that the more complete the description, the more powerful the Enneagram test is as a self-discovery tool. Transformation does happen, but it takes some pushing. Take the chance to reveal your personality structure and climb up it. Reach the top and allow yourself to say you’ve traveled to space. Everything that’s inside of you is as infinite and enormous as the universe. Possibilities are unlimited. Seize your life by discovering your true dimensions, abilities, and experiences. It might seem like you know it all, but there’s so much left to explore, especially within yourself.

Knowing your Enneagram type and wings will give you the opportunity to broaden your self-awareness and open the way within your limitations. You can take the 5-minute-long test or the full version that takes a bit longer than a shower but less than the delivery guy. And that’s when things get interesting, as you’ll find out which Enneagram type and wings you are. This will help you improve not only your self-knowledge but your relationships too. Welcome to the journey!

The 9 Enneagram types and their wings:

  1. Enneagram Type One, The Reformer: 1w9, 1w2
  2. Enneagram Type Two, The Helper: 2w1, 2w3
  3. Enneagram Type Three, The Achiever: 3w2, 3w4
  4. Enneagram Type Four, The Individualist: 4w3, 4w5
  5. Enneagram Type Five, The Observer: 5w4, 5w6
  6. Enneagram Type Six, The Loyalist: 6w5, 6w7
  7. Enneagram Type Seven, The Enthusiast: 7w6, 7w8
  8. Enneagram Type Eight, The Challenger: 8w7, 8w9
  9. Enneagram Type Nine, The Peacemaker: 9w8, 9w1

Enneagram 1w2

Enneagram 1 Wing 2 is The Lawyer.

Defined by its powerful and energetic manners, this wing likes to accept challenges and do whatever it takes—sometimes even aggressively—to reach its goals. Outgoing and strategic, the lawyer shows off their skills to make people see what they see. It’s important for them to set their perspective. They feel very comfortable interacting with other people, which increases their rhetorical abilities. This wing pays a lot of attention to its performance.


Enneagram 1w9


Enneagram 1 Wing 9 is The Idealist

The one that is always able to see the “bigger picture.” Gifted with objectivity and reflexive abilities, the idealist grows to be an open-minded person with a sharp perspective. They are communicative and flexible so it’s not difficult for them to connect with people, as they feel inspired instead of judged by the brilliance of the idealist. Idealists can find the balance between rationality and calm to ease their self-demanding nature.

Enneagram 2w1

Enneagram 2 Wing 1 is The Servant. This subtype is an interesting balance between the giving nature of TWOs with the objectivity and interpersonal skills of ONEs. This blend makes them very generous without forgetting about themselves, and helpful without losing sight of their own needs. That moderate manner is typical of this subtype but they can also be very self-critical when not balanced.


Enneagram 2w3


Enneagram 2 Wing 3 is The Hostess

This subtype has a joyful sparkle no one can resist. They are very sociable, flexible, charming, and outgoing. People of this subtype pay attention to other people’s needs, but they aren’t too concerned about pleasing them. Everything flows naturally, and people feel comfortable around them. When unhealthy, they can be very hard on themselves and repress their emotions.

Enneagram 3w2

Enneagram 3 Wing 2 is The Charming. 

This subtype is well-known for not going unnoticed. They stand out from the crowd, like the party soul they are. They are friendly but self-focused at the same time. This confidence makes being around them quite enjoyable and astonishing. The Charming subtype loves to shine; they don’t settle for less. In an unhealthy state, they hide their feelings and don’t want to show their vulnerabilities.


Enneagram 3w4


Enneagram 3 Wing 4 is The Professional

Let us give you a really “friendly” example: Rachel Green. This subtype is the one who’s always trying to do better and give a better performance. So, it’s very important for them to feel appreciated. In their skills deployment, they like to feel valued and challenged. As they love to achieve new goals and keep going higher, they feel the need to succeed. This need can eventually become a huge pressure for them.

Enneagram 4w3

Enneagram 4 Wing 3 is The Aristocrat

This subtype is very interesting as type 3 brings dynamism into the introverted style of the 4. Type 3’s rhythm makes this combination successful as it causes them to reveal all of their potential that’s usually kept inside. As they get more confident with the outside, they can make big changes. Their main challenge is to connect their potential to their actions.


Enneagram 4w5


Enneagram 4 Wing 5 is The Bohemian

This subtype is the most intense one, the one with the eye of an artist. Since they aren’t outgoing, they spend a lot of their time withdrawing to their inner world to observe the real world. That’s how they extract the essence of things.  As they seek security, their analytical eye makes them better understand the environment and allows them to move around with more confidence. It’s important for them to learn to create bonds with people and channel their intense nature.

Enneagram 5w4

Enneagram 5 Wing 4 is The Iconoclast

This kind is known for withdrawing entirely to their inner world to make amazing discoveries. They surf brain waves that constantly break onto new knowledge shores. In this wing, 4s freshen up their mood by updating some events related to their feelings and the outer world. They are usually very disconnected from the environment; the 4 wing plays its role by connecting them with reality.


Enneagram 5w6


Enneagram 5 Wing 6 is The Problem solver. 

This subtype is the analytical and curious one who is always questioning and unveiling how things work. Very practical and handy, they use their discipline to get to reliable discoveries. Once focused, they have surgical attention. Don’t get surprised, because their brilliance can open amazing doors and dazzle us.

Enneagram 6w5

Enneagram 6 Wing 5 is The Defender. 

This kind is known for being very practical and for loving standardized processes. The defender is interested in politics and social issues; they like to have their own opinion to reassure their values. They’re lonely but also love to be surrounded by familiar faces. The contradictions of the Defender overwhelm them sometimes. As they’re quite attached to their beliefs, they can get very self-critical and hypervigilant.


Enneagram 6w7​


Enneagram 6 Wing 7 is The Buddy

This is a subtype that definitely loves to be around people, just chilling out and having a good time. While other types tend to withdraw into themselves to avoid their problems, The Buddy goes off and gets distracted to face them. This type knows how to have fun without forgetting important commitments, which they take seriously. They are also protective and witty, and when they feel in danger, they can get suspicious. Their main challenge is choosing which battles to fight.

Enneagram 7w6

Enneagram 7 Wing 6 is The Entertainer. 

This type is the joker of the group, the most childlike. Like a good 7, they are experience-oriented, but the 6 influence gives them the ability to go slower and create bonds with people. They love to fill up their schedules and check out everything that life has to offer. If they’re in good company, that’s even better. But if talking about focus and expertise, they feel troubled. Learning to settle down and commit to one thing is one of the hardest things for them to do.


Enneagram 7w8


Enneagram 7 Wing 8 is The Realist. 

This subtype is as excited about living as the 7s but with the same aggressive touch when it comes to reaching their goals as 8s. Dynamic as they are, they go through life with a clear mind. Pragmatic and task-focused, they choose a target and go for it. Life is a source of abundance, and the realist wants to experience it all. The problem is when 7s can’t satisfy their appetite. With the determination the 8s give them, staying in the present—here and now—is the best thing to do.

Enneagram 8w7


Enneagram type 8 Wing 7 is The Independent. 

This kind flows through life with agility and calmness. They are self-confident so they always find a way to make their dreams come true. They really don’t skimp on that. They are truly inspiring people as they challenge others to test their skills and undertake new projects, but they can be very conflicting when they run into dominant imposing attitudes.

Enneagram 8w9

Enneagram 8 Wing 9 is The Bear. 

The Bears care a lot about protecting their people and creating bonds with full awareness of their surroundings. They are realistic and tough when they need to be. They face life and challenges with their heads up, backed up by the perfect blend of power and calm determination. This constant state of alertness can be exhausting, so they have to learn to trust and flow with the cycles. 


Enneagram 9w8

Enneagram 9 Wing 8 is The Comfort Seeker.

This subtype is defined by its constant pursuit of peace and an easy-going state of mind. If things don’t go as expected, they can react aggressively and expansively. They are naturally attractive as they are baffling and friendly at the same time, a one-of-a-kind blend that’s easy to recognize. This polarity could be adjusted if they learn to express their feelings at the accurate moment.


Enneagram 9w1


Enneagram 9 Wing 1 is The Dreamer. 

The Dreamers are great company, very pleasant and slow-paced. As they are ideal-based they’re wise and fair people who, with the influx of the 1s, know how to synthesize different factors and distill a more human conclusion. Agile minds and reassuring people, they are in the limbo between reality and utopia; they bring serenity to life but still have to accept the darkness to develop their own resources.