Enneagram Type 1 - The Reformer -

In the path towards becoming the highest version of themselves, Enneagram type Ones tend to be practical and strong people who take the time to analyze and discern what’s best. By being consistent with their ideals they expect to reform the world and so they try to strive themselves to reach that goal.

The Reformer

The reformer: overview

Like an eagle that flies up high, Enneagram 1s can see the bigger picture. This ability triggers in them an unstoppable sense of justice. Their ideals are important to Enneagram ones as they determine their upcoming decisions. As the Reformer feels fearless to step up and change what’s wrong, sometimes they become very self-demanding. Their bird-eye view gives them the power to measure themselves within the immensity that feeds their fire. Admirably, all this lifts Enneagram type ones up and makes them transcend themselves for something bigger.

what motivates enneagram Type 1?

History is nothing more or less than “The story of human passions”: strong people doing big things, moved by their passions, their ideals, and trusting themselves. In the same way, intuition tells Enneagram 1s what’s best, but it’s not a leap of faith. They know that they’ll accomplish their mission after going a long way. When Enneagram ones find out something that’s important to them, it becomes their purpose, the very thing that moves their life forward and measures reality. They can transform things, make the world a better place. That’s really hard work on Enneagram 1s shoulders but it’s also what guides them to the highest feelings and brings them to their best version. Just like free horses running wildly with blinders trust their legs, an Enneagram type one runs across the field relying on their ideals.

How does enneagram type one think?

The Reformer’s principles are like law to them, so they feel the need to follow them strictly. Knowing what is right and wrong, makes Enneagram type ones very practical people who easily know what to do. Although this could also drive them to self-repression to get what needs to be done done. It doesn’t feel bad at that moment since Enneagram 1s believe their worth depends on doing what’s right. That’s how they end up transferring their self value over to their values. With a high sense of justice and responsibility, Enneagram type ones stand up for their convictions. Their self-awareness allows them to be reflexive and honest with themselves, even though they tend to oversee their behavior instead of having a compassionate look towards themselves. Somebody has to do it to keep order.

how's enneagram type 1 in love?

Love must be the most unbalancing experience we all go through. The Reformer knows that better than anyone. Not because it actually disbalances them, but because Enneagram Ones are aware of the risk and keep a sharp eye on their significant other’s values too. It’s important to share principles and perspectives since they are the ground, the solid base upon which you can build anything. So when it comes to love, Type Ones are very concerned about the other’s ideals, and they have their red flags very clearly established. The problem is when they try to adjust that other person to their ideals, which can bring disagreements and disappointments. Here is where Enneagram 1s learn to be more flexible, and open-minded towards other ways of life while still living theirs. Sometimes it is good to only gaze at people for a while to discover the beauty and ideals they conjugate.

The best & the worst of the 1s. The light and the Darkness

Saying that Enneagram 1s have a best or a worst part will help please that inner self that is always judging them. But ok, let’s play that game for a while and watch an Enneagram Type One close their window and look at other people between the sunblind spaces. Growling softly like Gollum. Let’s say they are always following the “Precious”. That’s great. It could make Enneagram 1 unwavering, but if they obsess over it they can run into unhealthy behaviors that make them very self-demanding and disconnected from other people. Then Enneagram Ones run into the risk of missing the beauty of diversity and alternative paths.

Average enneagram Type 1

On a common day, Type Ones are energetic and purposeful. Always trying to take meaningful actions with an organized schedule. It’s not difficult for them to focus and determine what is right from what is not. So there Enneagram 1s go, walking through life with their ideal bars, measuring everything that comes across them (If Type ones wonder why raccoons and squirrels run from them, here’s why). Enneagram 1s have wonderful ideas on how to change things for the better. They also have a stubborn conviction, which is fundamental to materialize projects and that makes a Type One a natural leader most of the time. But without kindness and patience they can also be their own tyrant. Sometimes Type Ones can worry about being inconsistent or about people noticing that they are not adjusted perfectly to their own ideals, which can make them feel constantly seen or tense.

Enneagram 1 The Reformer
Enneagram 1 The Reformer unhealthy

Unhealthy Enneagram Type 1

When The Reformer is in an unhealthy state of mind nothing is ever enough for them, especially themselves (They should avoid getting into mirror labyrinths in those times). Type Ones are like dogs that try to bite their own tail, or a kid scared of its own shadow. As you can see, if Enneagram 1s stick to their commitment to their ideals or thoughts, it will be difficult for them to deal with unexpected situations or disruptions, or even take advantage of them.They can’t tolerate things they can’t control and if Type Ones just push themselves out of the line for a moment they feel betrayed. They need to learn to forgive themselves.

Healthy Enneagram Type 1

At a healthy state, The Reformer feels calm, pleased with themselves and their environment. They achieve an emotional independence, free of external acceptance or third party approval because Type Ones are aligned with their own very intimate purpose. It’s ok to be them. They are on the “correct” path. Constantly learning and becoming more comprehensive with their own pace makes it easier for Type Ones to understand other’s rhythm too. They feel inspired by their own dreams. Doing what they have to do in order to achieve bigger goals is what makes Enneagram 1s feel comfortable and vibrant.
The Reformer Type are now wise, keeping both feet on the ground and their heart up in the sky. They know and accept reality, and they don’t fight it out anymore because they’ve discovered that there is where the power of transformation lies.

As Eckhart Tolle says:
“Whatever you fight, you strengthen, and what you resist, persists.”

Enneagram 1 The Reformer Healthy
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