What is The Enneagram?

The Enneagram is a powerful and contemporary self-discovery tool that is constantly evolving. As it is scientifically validated, it’s also the perfect cross-point between science and the spiritual currents that jointly can broaden the understanding of human nature. After several years of study, this ancient knowledge was combined with Psychology theories resulting in a very useful personality-type system. A productive way to reach self-awareness and overcome limiting thoughts usually based on a static and painful internal program. The classical enneagram test can not only help our self-integration but also improve our social skills. It’s also a clear and potential source of internal guidance that frees us from our own mental prisons. If you want to learn more about what’s beyond your “personality” don’t hesitate to take the test. It will lead you into an amazing self-discovery trip, similar to the Mars exploration, except you’ll have a map in hand. 

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Everything you need to know about the Enneagram Personality Test

  1. What is the Enneagram Personality Test?
  2. How does the Enneagram System work?
  3. Which are the Enneagram types?
  4. What Enneagram type am I? Finding Your Basic Personality Type
  5. Enneagram Personality test 
  6. What is the most accurate Enneagram Test? 
  7. How long does the Enneagram test take?
  8. What do Enneagram Wings mean?
  9. Which Enneagram Types are compatible?
  10. Enneagram Triads

1- What is the Enneagram Personality Test?

The Enneagram is a powerful and contemporary self-discovery tool that is constantly evolving. As it is scientifically validated, it’s also the perfect cross-point between science and the spiritual currents that jointly can broaden the understanding of human nature. After several years of study, this ancient knowledge was combined with Psychology theories resulting in a very useful personality-type system. A productive way to reach self-awareness and overcome limiting thoughts usually based on a static and painful internal program. The classical enneagram test can not only help our self-integration but also improve our social skills. It’s also a clear and potential source of internal guidance that frees us from our own mental prisons. If you want to learn more about what’s beyond your “personality” don’t hesitate to take the test. It will lead you into an amazing self-discovery trip, similar to the Mars exploration, except you’ll have a map in hand.

Enneagram Basics

The Enneagram test works with a basic differentiation axis: personality vs. natural self. It defines personality as a familiar illusion of what and how we are. The natural self, on the other hand, is defined as our essence, our true self. Free from painful defense mechanisms. Our personality is a functional response to our childhood experiences and the messages we’ve received from the environment. So, it shouldn’t be taken as the final word on who we are. It’s a built mechanism that can be counterproductive as it limits ourselves to a few experiences. The Enneagram helps us take the leap to reach our nature and improve our life quality. In simple terms, personality is the fruit pulp and you’re the seed. You need to get to your seed.

2- How does the Enneagram System work?

The Enneagram system uses 9 fundamental personality types displayed on its famous geometric shape. C’mon, you’ve probably seen it. To learn your type, you just need to take a very quick and easy quiz. The Enneagram personality test. But how can a few questions “guess” my personality? Well, each answer is like a prototype that reflects how each enneatype works. We humans are very simple and yet so complex! We move around driven by an almost automatic engine called behavioral pattern that is there to satisfy our inner child needs. Childhood is the first structuring time of our personality. As Freud would put it, if we don’t acknowledge how we work, we will never be able to correctly manage the machine. 

Summing Up: Take the test >> check the result >> and point your personality type on the geometric shape.

(Spoiler: this is not a magazine quiz. It’s up to you to bring out the full potential of the Enneagram system) Learning your personality type is like having a 3D glass to look at your inward dimensions. 

3- Which are the 9 Enneagram types?

There are 9 Enneagram test types. Each of them expresses a particular profile and is named after its more noticeable traits. Here you’ll take a first glance at each type. You can stay at the surface level, but feel free to dive in if you want. You’d be surprised by the level of detail each description withholds. That’s what distinguishes the Enneagram Universe test from the other tests. The Enneagrams types are profiled with the delicacy of a sculptor after  years of detailed studies.

- Enneagram 1 - The Reformer

The Enneagram type 1s are idealistic and righteous people that always to their best to understand things better in order to make the best and most correct decision. The Reformer owes its name to an unstoppable pulse of action leaning towards justice and high values. Fearless as they are, they overcome their own limitations to change what’s wrong trusting their own accurate criteria. Enneagram 1s are inspired by something bigger and are fact-driven when it comes to determining what to do. Sometimes, the Enneagram type One may suffer from internal repression in order to do what must be done. This constant self-monitoring comes from their loyalty to their own ideals. Read more about Enneagram 1.

- Enneagram 2 - The Helper

The Helper or Enneagram type 2, is one of the most welcoming types. They are generous and always give themselves to others. They feel it’s their duty to help other people and to put their needs before their own needs. Enneagram 2s basically feel satisfied by renouncing themselves in order to spread love and affection. Eventually, if not managed well, this behavior can turn into a constant sacrifice and self-renunciation. The Enneagram Two types are open-hearted and want people to open their hearts too. They love to be truthful and feel intimate, especially through deep conversations. In an unhealthy state, Enneagram 2 can be emotionally dependent and see their sacrifice and dedication as a way of asking for something in return. Read more about Enneagram 2. 

- Enneagram 3 - The Achiever

The Achiever points to a star and then develops a plan to reach it. The energy and purposeful attitude Enneagram type Threes have is very distinctive. Restless and focused, they never stop. Instead, they keep going at full speed to achieve what they have in mind. We all want a little of the Enneagram 3’s determination, that’s how they inspire people. Never mind the obstacles, the Achiever will get through never feeling defeated. Guided by their great self-esteem that feeds their confidence they will get past whatever crosses their way. On the other hand, this power they have could turn into an endless race towards success and make them feel there’s always something missing. That’s when Enneagram type 3 finds out the best growth opportunity. Read more about Enneagram 3.

- Enneagram 4 - The Individualist

The Individualist, or as we like to call it, the inward explorer is the most introverted kind. This type seems to live in a centripetal flow that leads their attention into the inner world. Enneagram 4, finds shelter inside so they tend to withdraw into themselves. The world can go quite fast, and it’s threatening sometimes. That’s why they tend to connect with their feelings to keep stable. But not as much, as it’s difficult for the Enneagram type 4 to transcend their feelings and emotions and reach their real self. The individualist feels that as long as they can recognize their inner landscape, they will be safe and sound. In a way, that predictability feels reassuring to Enneagram 4. Read more about Enneagram 4.

- Enneagram 5 - The Investigator

The Investigator, as the Enneagram 5 is called, is a peculiar type that has the ability to see a universe when other people just see “normal” things. Their sense of wonder and curiosity is so strong that they feel attracted to whatever catches their attention and broadens their world knowledge. As an Investigator that goes beyond what’s known, and makes challenging questions, the Enneagram type Five embodies this desire to explore with pure passion to become an expert in their field. But sometimes this brightness can be eclipsed by long periods of isolation that disconnect them from reality. That’s why it’s important for Enneagram 5s to truly connect with people as easily as they would connect with themselves. Read more about Enneagram 5.

- Enneagram 6 - The Loyalist

The Loyalist is the one that truly and firmly stands for their values. Deep down, they are true dreamers and contradictory people at times, as they challenge any thought that isn’t consistent with their higher values and beliefs. The Enneagram 6 needs to trust and feel safe, so they measure the world and other people by what they think will keep them out of danger. To better read situations and people, the Enneagram type Six uses their accurate sense of perception, but they can also be very suspicious when they get anxious. Another power the Enneagram type 6 has is its charm and its honorable and practical skills. They also stand out and enchant people with their rhetoric. In an unhealthy state, the Loyalist could end up self-sabotaging by diving into darkness through anxiety. Read more about Enneagram 6.

- Enneagram 7 - The Enthusiast

The Enthusiast or the restless experience seeker is how the Enneagram type 7 is known. This type has an enormous energy flow that comes from their curiosity and awareness of life’s plenitude. That’s why Enneagram 7 easily falls in love over and over again with different activities and projects. They want to embrace the whole world and not miss a thing. But this comes with its own price. That anxiety level and fast pacing make the Enthusiast do exactly what they were trying to avoid: not live the present. Enneagram type Seven senses the immensity and beauty of life and to reach that, they fervently run towards that state of grace. This constant race makes Enneagram 7 barely notice life’s true source of plenitude. Read more about Enneagram 7.

- Enneagram 8 - The challenger

The Challenger is what the Enneagram type 8 is called. And the name fits like a glove as they have unstoppable energy that opens the way to get whatever they desire. The Challenger seems fearless, they stand out from the crowd by usually being very self-assertive and headstrong. They don’t hesitate to pull some strings to make people and reality dance to their rhythm. Enneagram type Eights are so determined that they may struggle when things and relationships don’t go as they planned. They will then feel that their power is weakened which can be scary since that’s how they connect with their surroundings and feel safe. Enneagram 8s see challenges as an opportunity to show their strengths and get to the next level by overcoming them. Read more about Enneagram 8.

- Enneagram 9 - The Peacemaker

The Peacemaker is the calmest spirit out of the nine types. Enneagram type 9s stand out for their ability to bring serenity, be reassuring, and for creating welcoming safe spaces. They avoid conflict at all costs and pull the best out of any situation. Enneagram 9 is known for its optimism and being a super nice company. Enneagram type Nine’s self-control is unique, they seem untroubled and easy-going, but deep down there may be some silent storms they choose to ignore. Everything is OK for them as long as they are surrounded by fun nice people. Feeling well is the only possible way of living, as distress and anxiety can be excruciating. The Peacemaker will reach heaven when they can finally broaden their ability to calm things don’t even at the worst times, accepting that storm and calm comes and goes in a cycle. Read more about Enneagram 9

4- What Enneagram Type Am I?

Finding Your Basic Personality Type

Thankfully, nowadays it’s easy to find several different self-discovery tools. But it can be quite overwhelming or even confusing to jump from one method to the other without digging into any of them. It’s easy to get lost in this vast ocean of information. That’s why the Enneagram personality test is the best way to face the challenge of making friends with ourselves. We are sick of running in circles, repeating our past as we run from it. As Einstein would say, if you want different results, do not do the same things. The Enneagram test helps us to highlight our inner system, the one that composes our matrix. If you’re looking to change your life, if you don’t want to be washed away by your feelings and thoughts, if you live your life dreaming of a different one… maybe you need to take the test.   

5- Enneagram personality test

The classic Enneagram test is a reliable self-discovery guide. Over the years, it has become very famous due to its wide range of potential uses. The Enneagram quiz is not only helpful for personal use but also to improve social and work skills throughout your life. Millions of people have found it to be an easy-to-understand self-knowledge guide that has opened their minds. Beyond the magic, the test proves that humans have a great potential to self-heal and empower themselves with the right knowledge. This free Enneagram test can be taken anywhere and at any time, as it’s available to your whenever you need it. And you know what? Once you take it and learn your type, you will never see life the same way. Try it now. It’s free! Ok, I’m curious.

6- What is the most accurate enneagram test?

The Enneagram Universe test is widely regarded as one of the most accurate Enneagram tests available. With 180 phrases that can be answered on a scale from “almost never” to “almost always,” this comprehensive and scientifically validated test provides valuable insights into your Enneagram type. This will definitely help you reach self-awareness.

You will find a complete guide to face your lighter and darker times with kindness and proactivity. The key to self-integration. The way it measures personality traits makes the Enneagram Universe the best Enneagram test. If you want to give yourself the opportunity to look at your inner landscape and change your reality, here is your free ticket.

7- How long does the Enneagram test take?

On average, the complete test takes 35 minutes and has a 90% accuracy. Just 35 minutes to unlock the power to upgrade your lifestyle sounds like a good deal. I’ll take the complete Test!

The complete test polished out the subtle traits to get to your personality type with sharp precision.

8- What do enneagram Wings mean?

Here’s an example to make things easy: You’re standing up facing east. It’s about to dawn, the sun is rapidly yet calmly pushing the night away. You notice its orange fire ring and upper that the blue sky is coming out. It’s a whole color palette.

Well, the Enneagram wings are the different shades of color we share with the Enneagram types to our left and right. Just like the sunrise with its different colors. Enneagram 7, for example, has two wings: 6 and 8). Our Wings are the types we share and relate the most with. They can either strengthen or weaken our traits depending on their style.

9- Which Enneagram Types are compatible?

Great job! If you’re wondering that, you’ve understood the Enneagram test’s full potential and importance. To learn which Enneagram types are compatible, check this out: Enneagram types Compatibility. As the test highlights each type’s patterns and structure, along with their main fears and desires, it also helps to be more empathetic and relate to others. The Enneagram quiz gives us the data we need to take the step and change our inner traditional system. It also gives us the right tools to read other people and have more effective and healthy relationships.

If you look it up, compatibility is described as the state in which two things are able to exist or occur together without problems or conflict. It’s like a river that flows effortlessly. That definition may look good in the dictionary, but in real, life people are way more complicated than that. Conflict gives you a lot of insights into the people involved in it. It gives you perspective. While compatibility shows you your safe space, the real challenge is to deal with what’s different given that life is diverse. 

That’s why the Enneagram personality test can be a powerful tool not only for self-discovery, but to learn more about human nature. Show me my Enneagram compatibility.

10- Enneagram Triads

Now, what are the Enneagram triads? Easy! Picture a blank page and then draw a circle on it. This circle represents something indivisible: integrity. That’s the Enneagram’s frame. Now, draw a Y inside the circle. It will look like an upside-down peace symbol as seen in image 4, right? This Y divides the circle into 3 wide triangles. These are the Triads. 

The top triangle is the Instinct triad, the left one is the Thinking triad and the right one is the Feeling triad. What does that mean? The triad reveals the way we approach our surroundings or how we react to them. They also determine our predominant emotions: Anger, Shame or Fear, respectively. Still quite don’t get it? Let’s go deeper.



enneagram triads

Triads are the key to transformation as they show us where things are out of balance, giving us the chance to strip out the illusions of our egos. 

The Enneagram personality test is a subtle and easy-to-understand yet complex guide. And the enneatypes that belong to the same triad have something in common:  the way they face life. The thinking triad faces reality by overanalyzing and trying to understand it all in order to feel safe, competent, and eventually reach happiness. They face their fears with brain energy, that’s why they share the tendency to go deeper than anyone else. The Instinctive triads use their perception to protect themselves from danger, injustice, or conflict. They react with anger to reality’s lack of balance. Finally, the Heart Triad unites the enneagram types that are more connected to their feelings. The ones that want to feel loved, valued, and to be genuine. They are more sensitive, usually identify with their feelings, and feel ashamed when exposed.

That’s just a quick glance at the triads to give us more context to better understand each personality type’s actions and reactionsI want to learn more about the Enneagram Triads.