Enneagram type 2 in A relationship with type 7

Enneagram 2 The Helper

How Does Each Enneagram Type Enhance the Relationship?

These Enneagram types are similar in many ways since they are both extroverted, sociable, friendly, and have lots of energy. They are a very enjoyable company. They have a positive mindset and tend to interpret things (even setbacks) in an optimistic way: always looking for the light in the shadow. They are also engaging, spontaneous, and love the good things in life. Although they both worry about others and want them to be happy and to have a good time, Twos are generally the ones to bring a depth of feeling and concern for the wellness of others. Twos tend to admire Seven’s courage to face life: as if they were living their own adventure. 

Sevens bring positive energies and a sorted-out mind that is always looking for new possibilities and generating new ideas. Sevens create mental sparks and excitement around them: an aura of pure possibility and a whole new world of excitement. They also help Twos remember to do nice things for themselves on a regular basis. They remind Twos to take care of themselves in order to be able to help others. On the other hand, a healthy Seven feels that their emotional and physical needs are largely met by a healthy Two that helps them feel relaxed and fulfilled. Furthermore, both of them are idealists, but Twos find it easy to translate this idealism and their impulses into action, which is something that inspires Sevens. In a romantic relationship they can be incredibly generous and thoughtful. This Enneagram combination can have a positive effect on people around them: they can be warm-hearted, giving, welcoming and generous, making others feel loved and invited.

Possible Conflicts and Differences of Opinion:

Which are the potential trouble spots or issues for this couple? Although they are generous and sociable, Twos might feel the lack of intimacy in their relationship and try to look for ways to be closer to Sevens. Twos like to stay at home, going on quiet walks, cooking, and talking about the possibility of settling down and having a family. While Sevens generally find the idea of settling down and having a family not attractive at all. Although they are capable of long-term commitments, they don’t feel like getting into them. As a result, Two might get more intrusive and demanding, insisting to spend more quality time together and to get serious about the relationship. 

Sevens can easily feel trapped and overwhelmed by the pressure and they may lose interest in their partner, feeling that the relationship has gone boring and dull. Twos can then see Sevens as untrustworthy and selfish while Sevens can begin to see Twos as possessive and manipulative, playing on their guilt or insecurities to keep them close. 

Another flex point could be the fact that Sevens need to be the center of attention to keep energized and excited. Other people and their needs are not really the focus of their concern, they are just an audience of potential game mates. Although Twos can settle for this for some time, they will eventually begin to unconsciously feel used and unfulfilled. They will either withhold their attention and affection, or start to compensate it in other ways, such as by overeating or having real or imaginary health problems as a way of forcing Sevens to be more attentive and caring. This situation can sadly end in harsh conflicts, battles, and loud scenes.

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