You Are Most Like: The Reformer

In the career of reaching the highest version of yourself and reality, you are a practical and strong person who turns completely to analyze and discern what’s best. By being consistent with your ideal you expect to reform the world and so you try to strive yourself to get it too.


Doing what’s right, fairness, being “good”


Being incorrect, wrong or “bad”

Enneagrame 1: Overview

You know that the status-quo is not right and someone has to step out and manifest another reality. It’s not easy, you know that big challenges require big decisions and one of them is to renounce yourself sometimes. But there is no big deal with that, by renouncing yourself it’s the closest you could be to who you are, that’s how you feel. You can ignore the call, you know you can do something to change things, you have the potential. It’s restless, sometimes overwhelming because the Ideal wakes up a Judge inside you, who never sleeps.

What Motivates 


What moves you is the Ideal, the desire of changing the world, the status-quo or to influx into reality. To achieve that it is necessary to have consistent and strong conviction.

 That is what works in the world and drives real transformations but the other side is that sometimes you could nudge yourself into an absolutism which prevents you to see beyond.

 You are used to being tough with yourself, setting the high bar to measure your actions and thoughts.

 People listen to you, they feel inspired, they see you like a referent but sometimes this could drive you to set unreal expectations of who you are. It’s hard to be your own referent.

 If you want things to be done, do it yourself is like your subliminal mantra. You often feel that it’s on you to solve the problems that can occur. Finally, you know how things must be so you take advantage of any situation to teach or show the others what is the best path.

How do you think?

You are always playing hopscotch, seeking the Ideal as if it was the sky but with an even more strict rule: keep the balance in just one feet. 

So there you are, playing this game just like the crane, resisting gales standing on just one feet but your strong conviction. 

Let’s admit that’s admirable but it might be costful. Is it really necessary to prove yourself you can do it? Or is it that you still can see that you are worth even more than the game itself? 

You think the world needs you, you are here for a reason so it doesn’t take you long to get involved in what you feel questioned for. You feel a big responsibility over your shoulders and can’t understand how the other people are so inert so you are always paying attention to what you are doing and how big work needs organisation and structure so there you go, you are really good at that.













How do you love?

Everyone is curious about how they love. That’s even more curious, indeed. I will say something thrilled but true: we love other people as we love ourselves.

 Oh, I know, these are the kind of answers that keep us with even more questions but let me be more clear. We love ourselves as we learn to love. 

And you, The Reformer, you learn to love like you live: searching beauty and the ideal. But

who tells us that beauty has no pitfalls? It’s really noble and amazing that you seek high ideas of what you want but sometimes this can drive you to try to change other people and adjust them into what you feel it’s correct, otherwise you will feel they are hurting you or you will run into disappointments. 

Sometimes it is good to only gaze at people for a while to discover the beauty and ideals they conjugate.

Enneagram Wings


Enneagram 1 Wing 9:

The idealist

The Idealist. You can easily see the “Big Picture” with an objective and reflexive perspective. It’s not difficult for you to communicate your ideal because of your sweetness and flexibility. This is your sparkle because nobody feels like being lectured but everyone learns from you and feels inspired.

Enneagram 1 Wing 2:

The Lawyer

The Lawyer. You are not afraid to go in the rear. You want to be heard so you take your time to define the better and more effective ways to get what you want and to foster the people to see what you can see. You are more energetic and outgoing than the other subtype. The interaction nurtures your rhetoric abilities and if you don’t feel satisfied with your performance you could be tough and aggressive to yourself and the others.

The Average One

On a common day, you are energetic and purposeful, trying to do meaningful actions with an organized schedule. It’s not difficult for you to focus and determine what is correct from what is not. So there you go, walking through life with your Ideal bar, measuring everything that came across you (If you were wondering why raccoons and squirrels run from you here is the answer). 

You have wonderful ideas of how changing things for good, you also have a stubborn conviction which is fundamental to materialize projects and that makes you a natural leader sometimes. But without kindness and patience you can be your own tyrant and self- demanding. Sometimes you worry about being inconsistent or that someone notice you are not adjusted perfectly to your own ideal, which can make you feel constantly watched or tense.

The Healthy One

At a healthy state you feel calm, pleased with you and your environment. You achieve an emotional independence, free of external acceptance or third party approval because you are aligned with your own purpose and recognize that it is very intimate. It’s ok to be you, you are on the “correct” path, constantly learning and comprehensive with your own pace so it’s easier to understand other’s rhythm too.

You feel inspired by your dreams. Doing what you have to do in order to get the bigger plans is what makes you feel comfortable and vibrant. You now are wise, with both feet on the ground but your heart up to the galaxy, you know and accept reality, you don’t fight it out anymore because you’ve discovered that there is where the power of transformation lies.

The Unhealthy One

Nothing is enough for you in an unhealthy state, especially you. (Avoid going mirror labyrinths in those times) You are like the dog that tries to bite his own tail, or the kids who scares from their shadows. 

As you can see, if you are more committed to your ideals or thoughts, it will be difficult for you to flow with unexpected situations or disruptions, or even take advantage of them. 

You can’t tolerate things you can’t control and if just for a moment you nudge yourself out-of-the-line you feel betrayed. Forgiveness, my friend, forgiveness.

Tips to Help You Grow:

Ask yourself what is success for you, write it down. List all the achievements you got and what did you receive because of them, who are the people involved in those memories and what did they tell you? This check will help you analyze where the adiccion to success originates. Liberation of your own pressure will be like going out to the surface of the sea.

Being the best is good but being you meanwhile is good too. What’s the sense of reaching your high standards if you can’t be joyful in the process? Let me tell you something: you can get both, and that’s the real best of the best.


I know, we have so much expectation over ourselves. We want to live meaningful lives and be the most incredible version of ourselves but, maybe it’s time to understand that humility and honesty is the direction to self acceptance. And self acceptance is a faster road to be a better person and successful in what we choose as our goal.

So that’s the trick for you, the effectiveness freak: release a bit and you will get, accept who you are then you are able to be who you dream.

Your Main Challenges:
How to address them?


You have interpersonal skills when in a good trade, let’s develop the intrapersonal ones so you can release other people, and let them be and love in their own way.


Talk and share how you feel. Work on trust and assume you want to change your insecurity. If you communicate to your circle of beloved people that you’re working on, maybe they can help you.


Don’t beg for love. Let relationships oxygen. When you are overthinking try to recognize that’s your fear, embrace it and wait. Remember the times you feel beloved.

How To Be The Best Version Of The yourself?

How can I accept myself?

First of all, don’t blame mercury retrograde. Your energy and self-promotion is good, don’t let it go but don’t let it go crazy either. It’s important for you to be at least honest and clear with your, which are your pitfalls, which things you are not getting as you want, which are your difficulties. Then if you want to sell another image to people, it’s ok but don’t lose yourself in the tale. 

Beyond that, what’s the sense of showing an irreal you? Genuine relationships only grow in a fertile ground, with transparency and honesty. Think that not being very honest or showing just as you are might increase your insecurity around people because you will suspect they are doing the same. So, there is when your mind sintonize all the soap operas that exist and for existing. 

How can I explode my virtues without forgetting myself?

 Choose paths fulfilled with heart. The warm-hearted paths are the ones that give us integrity and energy to keep connecting our points back and beyond. Take your time, you don’t need to solve it today, you don’t need to accomplish anything but your wellness. That’s your starting point to anything else. 

Why is it so difficult to identify when I am exceeding my achievement? 

Boundaries are soft and we are children of rigor. You usually run after your goals with all your energy and persistence, it seems it’s ok, you don’t feel tired, but there are little voices, foggy alarms that you are constantly ignoring. Try to sharpen your ear, to spread your goals over slightly longer periods so you can notice when something is going out of base. 

Don’t wait to be saturated and far from home to wonder how to come back. Draw your way back home too. How? By doing exactly what you are scared of: letting some people (the one you trust) discover you. Share, communicate your vulnerabilities, talk about them. If you can’t talk about something, ask yourself why. 

What happens if I disappoint people ? 

Oh, that’s a good one. What happens if you disappoint people? Well, what will happen is that you will have more information about themselves, not about you. Disappointment will tell you about other people’s expectations, desires and manners. This will help you to measure also how important that person is to you. You could evaluate your attitudes and behaviour and think about what kind of relationship you want to build. Also you can see how that other person reacted over their own failed expectation. You will find a way to exchange thoughts and feelings if it’s worth it. We all disappoint someone sometimes, even ourselves, but that’s why forgiveness and communication is a pillar tool in our life. Being perfect all the time it’s just for Sim’s people and you see they sometimes burn their own houses.

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