Now, what are the Enneagram triads? Easy! Picture a blank page and draw a circle on it. The circle represents something indivisible: integrity. That’s the Enneagram’s frame. 

enneagram triads

What Are The Enneagram Triads?

The Enneagram triads are a key part of the Enneagram structure. Understanding what they mean gives you a deeper insight into each Enneagram type and how they interconnect. The triads are a subdivision of the Enneagram system based on the way each type relates to reality through three differential centers: head, heart, and gut. These are the different ways human beings perceive their experiences and their dominant emotions such as shame, fear, and anger. The Enneagram is an effective human and self-knowledge tool. Find more information here: What is the Enneagram?

Back to the Enneatypes… There are 9 of them divided into 3 groups called the Enneagram Triads. However, the members of these Triads are not all the same. Although they could be Enneagram Wings. Each member manages emotions differently, which is interesting as it shows that the way we react to things creates reality. To find out through which of these three caves you see light make sure you take the Enneagram Test.