Enneagram type 2 in relationship with type 3

Enneagram 2 The Helper

How Does Each Enneagram Type Enhance the Relationship?

Enneagram type 2 and Enneagram type 3 are driven by their emotions (although Threes may try to hide it.) They are also constantly longing for attention and their desire to be loved (although Twos will hardly admit.) These are some of the reasons why both of them are generally oriented towards people and activities that place them in the center of attention. The previous mentioned characteristic makes this pairing an attractive and impactful one. Both of them are really socially attractive and know exactly how to act during social events. As they love being in the spotlight of every event, they tend to be outgoing, sociable, energetic, high-spirited, charming, and physically attractive. 

They might use their charm in their favor in order to get people’s sympathy, cause a favorable impression on them and rally their support in order to eventually achieve their goals. In general, enneagram type 2 brings a more personal focus to their interactions with others. They are sensible and might bring genuine kindness and compassion to their exchanges while Enneagram type 3 brings flexibility, charm, practicality, and a goal-oriented vision. 


These characteristics definitely make them work as a team: Twos like putting the spotlight on others since they don’t feel the need to be the center of attention but they like to feel proud of their loved ones. Meanwhile, Threes enjoy taking center stage and making their partners feel proud of themselves. As long as they accept and respect the role of each other, this couple will work well. It can be said that they make a perfect political couple: their social adaptability, their energy, their charm, their self- confidence and attraction are characteristics that invite others to join them in some way or another. This romantic pairing can be dazzling: a couple generally put on a pedestal and socially gifted that might become icons for their social sphere and time.

Possible Conflicts and Differences of Opinion:

Although this couple might be astonishingly popular, they might have some strong disagreements. The people involved in this relationship are usually aware of their own personal power and the power their partner has. If limits are not carefully respected, this can be a big trouble spot since a toxic dynamic may take place. Even though Twos show that they don’t care to be in second place, they need their partners to recognize their value in order to feel important and appreciated. 

The problem is that Threes often find it difficult to thank others or share their glory. Besides, Threes may feel that Twos overlook their contributions and take the credit of everything that happens in the relationship. As a result of this misunderstanding, Twos may get jealous and possessive of Threes and fall into a “You owe me everything you are” due to their insecurities. They feel that Threes only care about success and that they don’t value the same things in life as them. On the other side, Threes feel Twos are emotionally manipulative, making them feel guilty for making the most of themselves. 


If Twos don’t get what they want, they can undermine Three’s confidence in order to make Threes feel that they depend on them. Threes may react strongly by distancing themselves and inevitably creating more anxiety in their partner; thus, forming a vicious circle. Moreover, conflicts can intensify because none of them are particularly introspective nor are they very interested in their own underlying motives. They just assume that they are going the same direction and pursuing the same goals: increasing success and social validation.

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