Enneagram type 2 in A relationship with type 2

Enneagram 2 The Helper

How Does Each Enneagram Type Enhance the Relationship?

As in every double-type relationship, a couple of Enneagram Twos surely offer each other many similar qualities. There’s right where attraction and problems lie. Healthy couples made up of Enneagram type 2s usually have a high level of sensitivity, warmth and affection to each other. This pair is genuinely concerned about their partner’s wellness and the quality of the relationship itself by willingly putting a considerable amount of effort into it. In this type of relationships there is always a high level of communication which makes it a healthy one: Reformers are always willing to openly express their feelings and emotions, and asking about their partner’s health, worries, wishes and etc…. 

They are also very supportive, always prepared to assist their partners in whatever they need. As for their personality traits, they are considerate, observant and generous with people around them. They also tend to respect personal boundaries and people’s individual needs and desires. Healthy Two couples can easily find a balance between being in a relationship, but being alone at the same time. Although it might sound peculiar, neither of them is used to being nurtured by someone else, that’s why they might need to learn how to receive love, help and support from others. If they are able to open themselves to receive whatever their partner has to offer, the relationship can become a source of affection and abundance. At their best, this is an Enneagram connection in which both sides feel secure and protected, knowing that their partner is there for them. This couple has the potential to be a loving and affectionate one in which future plans such as raising a family, adopting children, and creating caring spaces can possibly be part of the deal. 

This is all quite heart-warming, isn’t it? You might be wandering what could be this couple’s potential flaws? As both parties of this mix have intense feelings, they might make better friends or coworkers than romantic partners. The main reason being that both are truly concerned with self-worth, identity and being validated by others. Their emotional needs can be so intense that can lead to jealousy and competition for attention. As emotional people they can really tell how people feel around them. No matter the gender, they are usually aware of how people respond to them physically and sexually.

Possible Conflicts and Differences of Opinion:

If the relationship is not healthy enough, they might act off on it by displaying their sexual prowess, although this will get in the way of an exclusive intimate relationship. Some Twos will attempt to solve this problem by going in the opposite direction and beginning to not care about their looks.

For example, they might stop exercising, begin to gain weight and even quit grooming at all especially on special occasions. If this happens, the other could start looking for emotional comfort elsewhere or eventually find comfort in food. If this continues, the physical and sexual interest in each other will decrease or end, affecting their sexual life. As this situation continued, depression and blaming can often be part of the picture.

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