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What is the Enneagram Test ?

The Enneagram test is a personality assessment tool that helps identify your Enneagram type based on your core motivations, fears, and desires.

How long does enneagram test take?

The Complete Free Enneagram test takes about 45 minutes to complete and it’s Free. It includes 180 questions and will help you determined with 90% effectivity your enneagram type.

What can I do with the results of my Enneagram test?

The results of your Enneagram test on Enneagram Universe can help you understand your personality type, strengths, and weaknesses better. You can use this knowledge to improve your relationships, work performance, and personal growth.

Which Enneagram test is more accurate?

The Enneagram Universe test is known as one of the most accurate Enneagram tests available. With 180 statements that can be answered with a scale from “almost never” to “almost always”. It’s a trusted and reliable tool within the Enneagram area for self-discovery and understanding, and you can take it for free at (by clicking the  Complete Test button) .

What Enneagram type am I?

The enneagram test types are 9. Each one is a manifestation of a particular profile with accentuated traits represented on their names. Discover yours, take the free Enneagram test and find yourself into the Enneagram figure. 

Self-discovery is healing. Because you stop comparing yourself with others as you understand your structure, like a story composition, everything starts making sense. Personal growth happens when you leap beyond your fears and expectations, when you transform and stop being your personality to be the Real You.

What does an enneagram test tell you?

This Enneagram Test gives you deep information about you. The Enneagram personality test reveals what your main motivation is as a person, shows how this affects your personal growth, what your biggest challenges are and describes how your interactions with personalities are.  

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