Welcome to the Enneagram New Year's Eve Bash!

New year Enneagram type 6

As the clock ticks towards midnight, our beloved Enneagram types are gearing up for the New Year in their unique, and sometimes, over-the-top ways.

1. The Perfectionist Reformer (Type 1):

This type has been planning their resolutions list since July. With a folder labeled “New Year, Perfect Me,” they ensure every detail, from organic snacks to eco-friendly decorations, is in place. No room for errors; this year, they’re doing everything right!

New Year Enneagram type 1

2. The Generous Helper (Type 2):

While others ponder their resolutions, Type 2 has already prepared a personalized list for each of their friends, offering to help them achieve them. They’re so busy making sure everyone feels loved and cared for that they forget to make a list for themselves.

New Year Enneagram type 2

The Successful Achiever (Type 3):

They’ve got a PowerPoint ready to showcase all their past year’s achievements and goals for the next, all while networking at the New Year’s party. If you’re going to start the year, might as well do it with new contacts and opportunities!

New Year Enneagram type 3

4. The Artistic Individualist (Type 4):

Found in a corner writing poetry about the passing of time, dressed in an outfit they probably designed themselves. This year, their resolution is to experience even more intense emotions and maybe, finally start that fashion blog.

New Year Enneagram type 4

5. The Analytical Investigator (Type 5):

They’ve been researching New Year’s traditions from around the world and have calculated the best way to make the most of the coming year. You’ll probably find them explaining the history of the Gregorian calendar to someone who just wanted to know where the bathroom was.

New Year Enneagram type 5

6. The Loyal Skeptic (Type 6):

They’ve spent the last few weeks worrying about all the possible disasters that could occur on New Year’s Eve. With an emergency kit at hand, they’re ready for anything from a blackout to an alien invasion. Better safe than sorry!

New year Enneagram type 6

7. The Enthusiastic Adventurer (Type 7):

A party? Why limit themselves to one? Type 7 has planned a party-hopping marathon, seeking the best spot to be when the clock strikes twelve. Their resolutions probably include trips to exotic countries and learning at least three extreme sports.

New Year Enneagram type 7

8. The Powerful Challenger (Type 8):

They’re at the heart of the party, ensuring everyone has a great time (their way). Their resolution is likely something like “Conquer the world,” or at least their little corner of it. But behind that facade of strength, they might be planning their next big protective act for their loved ones.

New Year Enneagram type 8

9. The Peaceful Mediator (Type 9):

While everyone else is bustling about, Type 9 is quietly enjoying a moment of peace. They probably forgot to make a resolution, but they’re happy as long as everyone else is too. Their biggest wish for the New Year is harmony (and maybe some good naps).

New year Enneagram Type 9

And so, among resolutions, laughter, and reflections, our Enneagram types welcome the New Year! Do you see yourself in any of them? Whatever your type, have a wonderfully over-the-top perfect New Year!