You Are Most Like, Type 5:
The Investigator

The thinker, innovative, observer, Type 5. You are part of the Head Triad, the one who wants to reveal how the world works and to unveil the mystery of life, but is afraid of the biggest mystery: you.


To be capable or competent


Being incompetent

Enneagram Type 5 The Investigator

Enneagram 5: Overview

Welcome, welcome to the Type 5 espectacular home! You, my friend, have an amazing spectrum of possibilities. From the deepest place within you, you can gaze at the space and wonder about the highest matters and seek the more complicated answers. You think that the best you know the world around you, the safer it will be. But the truth is that you desire to be an expert in the field of your interest. For you, doing it right is not enough. You need to go beyond, break the wall and take a leap into the unknown. This fearless (and thrilling) attitude is exclusive to your thoughts that’s why you withdraw into your interstellar home and prioritize thinking over doing. 

What Motivates 


Being useful, competent, capable of something great. Leaving your mark. These are the things that keep your sparkle burning. In depth, you hate the idea of being a useless good-for-nothing, and that’s where the unstoppable effort of becoming an expert in things comes from. Or the need to unveil stuff that is buried to anyone else. You think you’re only worth it if you are capable, if you demonstrate how distinctive you are. But your passion for exploring goes beyond and takes over everything. It’s your daily engine, and tell me if you don’t feel amazed when you get to incredible discoveries and new questions. Your inner world, the things that happen inside your mind, would blow other people’s mind but sometimes you get so deep within yourself that it’s difficult to share and relate with other human beings. I’m not saying you are reptilian, but I’m not saying you aren’t either. Pssst: if you are a reptilian tell me the secret of human evolution. I’m not asking too much, am I?

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How do you think?

If you knew the secret of human evolution you wouldn’t be reading this would you? So let’s keep on  talking about how the 5s, the “you” type, think. This is not like I have a crystal ball, but I know that you are a little detached from your environment, like if you were hanging from a big balloon that keeps you living your adventure high up. I don’t blame you, it’s a wild world so withdrawing from it into better and imaginative places is a great option to preserve our mind. Nothing lasts forever, anyways, and someday something might pop your balloon and you better get your tools to build your home on the ground. Your challenge? To enhance your natural abilities, your genius into a healthy balance with reality.




You’re genuinely curious and willing to learn new skills


You need alone time, and keep your circle small






Enjoy observing others

How do you love?

If for some people love makes them walk on the moon, for you love is a bridge to reality. In fact, it’s the only way you choose to connect with reality. You look for a long lasting love, someone you could really trust on, someone special to share your insecurities and eccentricity with. Is easy for you to open your heart to your special someone, you become communicative and loyal. Your strong sexuality encourages you to take the chance and let the other person enter your sacred world. 

When something makes you feel unsafe, you withdraw into your mind and disappear. It could be something baffling to the other person but sooner than later – if the relationship is worth it – you will try another way to manage that situation. 

Enneagram Wings


Enneagram 5 Wing 4:

The Iconoclast

The withdrawal intensifies.  You feel it’s fundamental to find your origin by seeking your inner brilliance path. Here the balloon is higher. You disconnect yourself from everything and dwell with your brain waves. Then the Four’s breeze kicks in and  refreshes your mind by giving you some insights of feelings. 

Enneagram 5 Wing 6

The Problem Solver

If you are hanging off of a balloon, it won’t take long till you analyze and understand how and why it flies, and which forces are involved. You let go of the thread  and when you hit the ground you become very practical, handy and curious. The discipline you have drives you to discover valuable things, as you love solving problems with surgical precision, your brilliance could open amazing doors.

The Average Five

You are like an old man that scares away kids that are just playing in his front yard: “Get out of here! You’re disturbing me, you lil’ demons!” Ok, not that antisocial but you definitely don’t want to be distracted from your thoughts when you’re developing a big idea or project. You think people won’t understand things even if you explain it, and explaining takes way too much time, so you just withdraw from the world. Like a crazy scientist, you keep on insisting and trying different solutions. You study and think of ways to reach your goal more effectively. For you It’s disturbing how people attach to old beliefs, so breaking them every once in a while can be fun.  

Like Doctor Emmet Brown, you think that “If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything” and nothing can stop you. There’s no pain, no limitations, no nos. 

Enneagram Type 5 The Investigator
Enneagram Type 5 The Investigator Healthy

The Healthy Five

Brrrr. But…The show must go on! Dark periods are mysteriously necessary. And when you recall how you felt in your golden times, you withstand and go through anything. 

Full of new and powerful resources, you develop your valyrian steel to fight against your fears. Or in other words, you have the power to vanish every scary simulation of pain and misgiving. By banishing your insecurities, you are able to see your potential and become more playful with your capabilities. As a result, you reinforce your self-image, you relax and become more participative and social. The interaction flows and nurtures you with useful data to self-manage yourself. Suddenly, things aren’t as scary as they seemed to be, because you’re strong, you can deal with it, you can transform it. 

The Unhealthy Five

The world is an empty place that has nothing to offer you and you have nothing to give back, when you are in an unhealthy state. You find no place to stay, to be or to feel like you belong. Withdrawing from the world is just so recurrent that you rather never return to reality. Renouncing everything makes you feel safe, but at the same time you know there are some remanancing fears orbiting your mind as you are in a constant alarmed state. You feel hopeless and powerless because “the night is dark and full of terrors”. Your mind has entered a harmful cycle that degrades you intensively slowly. 

It’s a nightmare you feel you can’t wake up from. You can’t discern between what is real and what has been created by your fears. Suffering is the only possible reaction for you to face such a terrible world. You willingly withdraw from yourself (black curtains descend).

Enneagram Type 5 The Investigator Unhealthy

Tips to Help You Grow:

If you’re going up, remember to leave an anchor. Like it or not, this abstraction it’s one of the nuances of your genius. Silence, solitude, isolation help you develop your thought synergy. That’s why it’s important that you help yourself not to lose the path even when you’re down. Build your lighthouse, write down your maritime code and best of all, respect the immensity of your ocean.  As Emily Dickinson wrote: “To multiply the harbors does not reduce the sea”. But at least, you have some places that connect with the mainland. We know more about space than you know about the ocean. If your mind can’t discover something, it will at least imagine what’s beyond it.


Explore, go further, but don’t forget the way home. Maybe, choosing some bodily activities that allows you to connect with your feelings and the present can guide you to a balance. 

Try to attach to a few real items that objectively connect you to what is happening around you. And of course, build a safety back up with those people you really trust. I’ve once learned that scuba diver’s first rule is: “nobody dives alone”. Maybe it will work for you too. 

Your Main Challenges:
How to address them?



Dedicate at least one hour to do something that involves physical activity to connect with your whole body.



When a feeling comes up count to 10 while facing it with scientific curiosity but a compassive attitude. 


Start updating people on your thoughts, and ask them about their projects. This will make room for long soul nurturing chats.

How To Be The Best Version Of The yourself?


What is the best way to act regarding my self-absorption?

Connecting with your body is one of the most important challenges you have ahead. You could spend so much time on your bodily needs that you need to start paying attention to what you are feeling and how it feels. Take note! It may seem bothersome but it’s a great practice to study yourself, your feelings. Don’t run from them or try to distract yourself with something else. Stay. Just as someone you love would do, staying with you when you feel bad. 

When the connection is done, the intuition will take over. This will give you more confidence to deal with real stuff, developing your leadership. Suddenly, you’ll be turning everything you create in your fruitful private land into reality. We spend most of our lives in airplane mode, leaving our personality guide ourselves. When we are aligned and connected to who we are, we stop chasing rainbows and shadows, we stop running.

How will I know if I’m tuned with my intuition?

The intuition is like activating our already installed how-to that was never used before because we were too busy trying to write our own instructions. When that happens, you won’t take things personally. As you understand that everyone is reflecting their own inner fiction just as you used to do before your awakening. Compassion is your new language and you know how to face your fears in a functional way. You know that every time you feel the need to withdraw it just means that something is trespassing your limits, so you learn how to communicate that and take care of your sensitivity. 


Why am I that tenacious to achieve that bigger something?

The insatiable thirst of knowledge you have, comes from an old memory of abundance and greatness. That’s why you are that determined to track the universe’s wealth hidden in some blind point of our minds. There is some tragic beauty in your determination to find it as you usually search at remote places, far from the natural source of your essence. Monumental efforts to fit into this world will drain your energy if you don’t embrace the joys of being who you are

How can I build my own lighthouses to save me from being adrift in my personal terrors?

Everyone will tell you to get some sleep, or to take a walk. But you know that anxiety, when turned on, is an unstoppable radio that keeps on narrating even when you are dying inside. The walls shrink and the roof falls onto your chest. The height and size of the world is upon your lungs and the best thing to do is running away. Fear is contagious and disortive, so it’s easy to get lost in their elusive labyrinths. Anchors, lighthouses, and rituals are some of the keys that open the gate that will bring you back home. But, which of them will work for you? How can you build them? With the help of memories, smells, photos, specific textures, readings, whatever evokes in you the same feeling every time and warms up your heart. Come back to your senses, sing a song or play it, and the most important part: don’t be scared of your fear. It’s telling you something that needs to be heard. And will come back if you don’t embrace it and ask it what it needs. Slowly, with the patience of a flower you will blossom on your own spring. It might sound cliché, but the darkest time of dawn is right before the sunrise. 

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