Enneagram Type 7 in A Relationship with Type 8

Enneagram Type 7 The Enthusiast

How Does Each Enneagram Type Enhance the Relationship?

Both these Enneagram types are independent, secure, self-assertive and strong willed. They are also practical, determined, committed and willing to find happiness and fulfill their goals right here, right now. None of them like to postpone their satisfaction or settle for mediocre future promises. This may be one of the reasons why these Enneagram types resist being limited or controlled by external people or by their own, internal, psychological mechanisms. If they hear “don’t”, both Sevens and Eights will definitely respond with defiance and resolution looking to push the limits, no matter how. Both of them are gifted with vitality and a noteworthy taste for life. 


Sevens and Eights like to enjoy the luxuries of life since having an unattainable lifestyle can be a source of pleasure not only for them, but also their family and friends. They love to entertain people around them and to offer the best they can as a sign of generosity and their outstanding success. Also, this Enneagram combination is usually very active: They are both adventurous people who are willing to experience new things in their relationship. 

Sevens bring lightness, fun and excitement. They enjoy having new and different experiences for the sake of keeping things fresh and stimulating. While Eights are usually more private and moodier than they want to admit. They rely on Seven’s capacity to lighten their atmosphere and to make their regular affairs more fun and enjoyable. Eights are also decisive and tend to have the ability to face complex situations with their well-known determination and persistence.

Possible Conflicts and Differences of Opinion:

As mentioned before, Seven-Eight pairs can be extremely active. Although some people may think this is always positive, their high-energy and productive personalities can become an issue if they can’t find an outlet for that energy. Sevens and Eights need to find proper outlets for their strong energy and interests because otherwise they will find hostile ways of releasing it sooner or later. If this happens, they will eventually turn against each other and bring each other down in a kind of dark collusion with tragic consequences for both. 

Sevens and Eights can sometimes be verbally rude. They frequently say things other types wouldn’t even dare to think. Their fights can sometimes get public, where physical abuse or violence might take place. Eights tend to be authoritarian and dominant. They may order Sevens around and threaten them if they disobey. While Sevens are independent people who will definitely avoid being controlled by Eights. They sometimes can even belittle Eights for their heavy-handed tactics. 

Both types can be extremely self-centered, and feel that the world turns around them and their interests. As a result, this can possibly end in a conflict between them as once they are involved in these unhealthy dynamics and get used to a certain level of physical excitement, it can get really difficult for them to turn back to something more moderate. They may, however, push the limits too far, with tragic consequences for their relationship and people around them.

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