Enneagram Type 3 in A Relationship with Type 7

Enneagram Type 3 The Achiever

How Does Each Enneagram Type Enhance the Relationship?

This is a highly complementary pair: both of these Enneagram types are self-assertive, have high and positive energies, and are outgoing people who love being around other people. They offer optimism and a sense of possibility and renewal. Threes are usually more self-sufficient than Sevens, so they can work independently with ease. At the same time, both are aware of the importance of social networks and they excel at communication. 

This couple can be persuasive and articulate, and also often lively and attractive, making people feel comfortable around them and ready to get something from their positive vibes. Due to their youthful orientation, no other couple is as vivacious or gregarious as they are. This is probably why they make such an energetic match that’s always ready to engage in lots of activities, plans, and projects. Always trying to live a good life, they focus on sociability, going out, having adventures together, and most importantly, finding personal fulfillment. 

Threes bring sensitivity, caring, empathy, and communication skills to the relationship. They are also a source of strength, skills, and the urge to focus on goals and getting things accomplished. Sevens bring a sense of fun and adventure, some resilience, and a lack of concern with failure. Sevens can be spontaneous in ways that are helpful to more self-conscious Threes. They can bring knowledge and experience too, along with infinite enthusiasm and positivism. Threes bring focus, practicality, and healthy boundaries. This can be a balanced, joyful, and articulate pair that is frequently regarded as a magical one.

Possible Conflicts and Differences of Opinion:

This combination can make an extremely volatile couple; there is always too much electricity under the same roof. This romantic pair always looks amazing, but they both feel the pressure of being too perfect all the time, which can make them difficult to keep up with. 

Depending on their health level, Threes are usually workaholics, whose main goal is being successful and becoming prestigious, constantly overcoming themselves. For that reason, family and social life are often shifted to the background. Completely opposed to this, Sevens don’t take their careers as seriously as Threes; they always feel they can find a new job if they aren’t comfortable with their current one. 

At first glance, Threes may look more self-confident than Sevens, but that’s not the case, which explains why they feel the need to promote themselves and their accomplishments. In addition, Threes may feel jealous of Seven’s easy success while Sevens may feel they are sacrificing their pleasure and fun for the sake of Three’s career. Sevens may also feel they only exist to validate Threes in many ways. Neither wants to talk about their failures, shortcomings, or insecurities and they try to avoid hard conversations for as long as possible. 

As difficult issues are not openly discussed, a sudden career crisis can bring up old feelings. Sevens do not want to feel stuck in a relationship that is no longer enjoyable while Threes don’t want to be in a relationship that seems to be a failure. When these feelings arise, these types can become more self-centered, which can ruin the relationship and break it up abruptly and permanently.

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