Enneagram type 1 in A Relationship with type 1

Enneagram 1 The Reformer

How Does Each Enneagram Type Enhance the Relationship?

On one hand, Enneagram type 1s (Reformers) are dedicated, perfectionist, hard-working people. Taking care of responsibilities and keeping up with schedules will tend to come first, while pleasure, partying, vacation and leisure will definitely come second. 

In private or personal relationships with each other and also with family and friends, both will seek to be objective, reasonable, fair, and truthful above everything else. They will be able to create a clear and precise atmosphere in which their own interactions with each connection they establish will feel clean (not sticky or loaded with unspoken ulterior motives). 

This type of pairing is often created and maintained by shared ideals and solid convictions which they enforce with tolerance and passion. Fairness, truthfulness, consistency, respect, and dignity are some of the best characteristics that this type of Enneagram relationship has. They both have a strong will to put these ideals into practice which makes them respect and admire each other.

Possible Conflicts and Differences of Opinion:

Now… What are the potential trouble spots between them? Both Enneagram type 1s are marked by a strong sense of right and wrong as well as a sense of responsibility, and the need to fight for tolerance, dignity, and people’s rights. These attributes give them a feeling of self-restraint and a tendency to feel responsible for themselves and for everything else in their lives: each of them will take the adult role in most situations, making for a highly competent and rational approach to life. Although these qualities are positive ones, they can also be overwhelming since there might be a noticeable tone of formality in this combination with a reluctance to say or do anything that would be undignified or not appropriate and very little tolerance for sloppiness or error.

There is also a strong tendency to feel easily frustrated by mistakes. Irony, annoyance, and sarcasm are some of the ways they use to express anger towards each other. Occasionally exploding into a litany of old complaints. 

Depending on their own health level, double 1 couples may struggle to find people that measure up to their high standards, resulting in fewer social interactions and an increasing self-imposed isolation. Their rigidness, perfectionism, determination, and low- tolerance make it really hard for them to establish superficial interactions or small talk with people they have just met. 

Actually, this couple may bond by their outrage towards errors and other people’s foolishness. It is not rare to find some eccentricity and unusual habits (personally and also as a couple) which lead them to withdraw from most human connections. 

Double Ones can feel like they are each other’s shelter, a place where values, ideals, and connections are profound and undeniable. In this Enneagram compatibility, both sides might feel like they are all they need in the world; however, it can turn into a cold and unforgiving world if they start to barely stand each other.

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