Enneagram 7w6 -The Entertainer-

Enneagram type 7 wing 6: The Entertainer is a subtype resulting from the encounter of types 7 and 6, which means that Seven’s natural optimism and enthusiasm meet Six’s responsibility and seriousness. The final product is a restless person that seeks new and exciting experiences to lift up their spirit, while taking care of their work and commitments.


The enneagram 7 wing 6 overview

These adventurous people are really amazed by life and they want to experience as much as they can. To do that they sometimes fill up their schedule and divide their time in different types of activities. It’s hard for them to focus on one thing, so they end up getting easily distracted. They want it all! It’s not only their desire to live a fantastic and intense life that makes them squeeze things to the last drop, it’s also a sort of insecurity. Due to the admiration that life awakes inside of them, they rush for doing big things.

In this case, both Enneagram types share the same Triad, the Head Triad, so it’s normal for them to get lost on their thoughts and think about way to get happiness and good reasons to do things. As opposed to the other subtype, 7w6 types are more responsible and loyal to their duties. Although they get excited easily, they don’t get lost and try to keep balance.

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Enneagram 7w6 Personality Traits

Basic Fear

Enneagram type 7 wing 6’s most basic fear is to lose course and get trapped in sadness. They sense that life is pure abundance, and their sensitivity allows them to enjoy it once a while. But the problem is they get stuck like bees on honey and try to extend that good feeling to have a better life and make sure they are living it as it must be lived.

The more they run after happiness, the more they get lost. Then they’re just living the life their anxiety tells them to live. Trying not to miss a thing. The constant pain of not finding a definitive solution, makes them distracted and confused. They start to fear there is something wrong with them. All this pressure pushes them to making impulsive decisions they may regret later.

Basic Desire

Enneagram 7w6’s most basic desire is to be happy. Feeling the magic, and beauty of life is their main motivation. So, they avoid negative thoughts by excessive rationalization. This desire is also the reason they jump into the void over and over again to find alternative paths. According to the Entertainer life is an amusement park and we have to seize the moment. There’s no time left. Paradoxically, this need to take advantage of every moment, turns their trip into nonsense, and they lose the opportunity to enjoy the landscape as they don’t know how to just stare.

Enneagram 7w6 Strengths

7w6 strengths come from their optimism. They are people who think and solve situations quickly. In each crisis, they see opportunities. They are very sensitive but don’t want to waste their time being sad or anguished. And they see the potential even in those moments.

Considering this, their spirit is always prepared for adventure and work. They love being productive and multitask. When committed with a particular task they get really strong and are willing to help. Although they may feel attracted to other options, they will stand by and work hard until they make their dreams come true.

Enneagram 7w6 Weaknesses

7w6 weaknesses come from time. Time is a precious thing for them, and as it flies, they want to fly too. Learning to walk and enjoy simple things, will give them a better view of life’s beauty without any rush. They tie happiness to every exciting event out there. Casually, joy is always in front of them, never on their hands. This restless career against time, can be really exhausting and frustrating. Besides, they doubt themselves often and get easily influenced by other people’s opinions since they’re insecure of their own decisions.

How Enneagram 7w6 personalities like to work

Learning how each personality works gives us powerful insights. It helps us overcome different situations and improve our relationship potential. Let’s check some vital points to learn about Enneagram type 7 wing 6. 

Communicating with an Enneagram 7w6

Be clear and optimistic when talking to them. Share your plans and projects, they will get inspired and may have an avant–garde idea.

Meeting with an Enneagram 7w6

When meeting them, keep the conversation upbeat and hopeful. Encourage them to participate with their insights.

Emailing an Enneagram 7w6

Be warm and open-minded. Getting to know each other makes them commit even deeper. 

Giving feedback to an Enneagram 7w6

When giving feedback, it’s good to recognize their virtues. Be constructive and encourage their proactivity. 

Resolving conflict with an Enneagram 7w6

To solve a conflict with 7w6 try to be focused on your mutual perceptions and share different solutions that seem comfortable for the both of you.

Enneagram 7w6 Motivations

Enneagram 7w6 have several motivations. They love to be always in movement. Multitasking and broadening their awareness about different things make them feel more secure and able to decide where to go. Having multiple options, intense experiences and challenging tasks are their daily spicy seasoning.

Enneagram 7w6 Stress

Enneagram 7w6 stresses out when they feel limited, trapped or with no possibilities. They need to feel free and able to choose. They get drained off by routine, or purposeless tasks. Toxic and negative atmospheres make them really sad and moody. Yet they like to work independently. It’s great for them to have some team time to get inspired and inspire others.

Enneagram 7w6 Jobs

The most common jobs for Enneagram type 7 wing 6 are: Media Planner, Travel Writer, Photographer, Journalist, Pilot, Publicist, Travel Agent, Pilates Instructor, and Tour Guide. Every job they can somehow register all the amazing things they have seen around the world and life works for them. They’re engaging, optimistic and very motivating people who know how to pass their discoveries to others and be remembered.

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