Enneagram Type 7 in A Relationship with Type 7

Enneagram Type 7 The Enthusiast

How Does Each Enneagram Type Enhance the Relationship?

Like all double-type couples, a pair of Enneagram Sevens offers each other exactly the same qualities, which is exactly where their main source of the attraction, as well as pitfalls, lie. In such cases, their health levels are especially important. 

The main features of a double-Seven relationship are quite easy to identify: positivity, spontaneity, high energy, curiosity, and openness. They are also thoughtful, sensitive, idealistic, and generous. If psychologically healthy and balanced, this can be a joyful pair that will spread their positive energy around.

This pair is also characterized by their empathy, happiness, and the fact that they enjoy sharing their joy with people around them as this Enneagram combination makes up a social couple that’s fun to be around. Both Sevens bring an outstanding spirit of personal freedom. None of them like feeling tied to routines or boring commitments. That’s why they are determined to avoid imposing their rules or expectations on others. They want a relationship based on positive values and freedom, rather than feeling locked into obligations.

Both Sevens have a sense of openness and empiricism that enables them to build long-term bonds that not only they enjoy, but also their family and friends. A double Seven pair is distinguished by their resilience and optimism. They are also always ready to start over again when they run into difficulties.

Possible Conflicts and Differences of Opinion:

Building a healthy relationship usually takes patience and a good temper to help face the possible disappointments and misalignments that may appear. One of the main trouble spots for double-Seven relationships is their lack of patience; Sevens are always rushing to achieve the most complete and developed relationship possible. However; when Sevens feel down, they may find it difficult to put a lot of energy into the relationship or pay the required attention to it. 

If time goes on and the relationship gets different from what it once was, Sevens may start turning their attention elsewhere, possibly to their work or another person that is ready to give them what they want. Both Sevens feel that the perfect person is just lying around waiting for them somewhere in the world and they are determined not to miss out on whatever they are meant to have. They hate the idea of feeling that by committing to the wrong person, they may be giving up their “right person.” Aside from that, they won’t allow any person, place, or career to limit their life in any essential way.

To sum up, they are afraid of long-term commitments. However, if they want to share their lives with somebody else, one of them must be the first one to give up their individuality and freedom and take the risk of commitment and, why not, a possible rejection. If they aren’t healthy or mature enough, it can lead an inevitable breakup. 

If they decide to start a family and live together, they will definitely miss their past selves and a life in which individuality and having time for themselves were commonplace. In the end, either one or the other will feel suffocated and finally leave.

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