Enneagram Type 3 in A Relationship with Type 6

Enneagram Type 3 The Achiever

How Does Each Enneagram Type Enhance the Relationship?

Although Enneagram type 3s and type 6s can really work together as a team, this is not a common pair. On one hand, Threes bring positivity, energy, social relationships, communication and a feeling of infinite potential both on a personal level and regarding the relationship itself. The positive aura around Threes provides an enormous sense of self-confidence and success to the individuals and the couple. On the other hand, Sixes bring solid foundations, hard work, perseverance and resolution during difficult times. Besides, they provide affection, support, loyalty and understanding. 

Type 6s are compassionate for the less fortunate, which is one of their qualities Threes should pick to open up their own hearts and connect on a whole new level. As for the traits they have in common, both these types usually share similar life goals which brings them closer. Since they are both resolutive and practical people, they believe in the importance of effort and they are constantly looking to achieve important things. In short, they both like to take action. 

Since they see each other as equals, mutual respect for their different strengths and shared interests is always present in their relationship: Threes boost Six’s confidence and self-esteem while Sixes offer Threes support and understanding. Both become stronger individually and their respect for each other will grow as they continue to learn each other’s qualities. This couple tends to be a really successful one as long as their heart-centered values and deep principles keep them both down-to-earth.

Possible Conflicts and Differences of Opinion:

Unless their relationship is focused and healthy, they can bring out the worst in themselves and in the other since both of them have the same negative characteristics: they are both competitive and workaholics, both are constantly looking for external validation to make up for their secret inferiority feelings and insecurity. Both need to be socially accepted. They tend to be conformists and do what is expected from them. 

Although both of them share intense feelings, they try to avoid looking at their deeper emotions and tend to put them aside to do whatever needs to be done. Their different coping mechanisms can get on each other’s nerves by reminding them of their own weak spots. At their worst times, they might become dishonest, indirect and secretive about their own actions and feelings. When this happens, their bond can turn into ruins. 

They will no longer discuss their true feelings and share their social lives. Threes will try to keep up the appearances during social events whereas Sixes will intentionally let people know they’re going through some troubles. Instead of speaking their truth and being skeptical about their relationship, both parties will pretend nothing is happening between them and put on a mask to themselves and the world for as long as they can.

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