Enneagram 3w4 -The Professional-

Enneagram type 3 wing 4: The Professional is the result from the encounter of types 3 and 4. This means that Three’s dedication and stubbornness meets Four’s expertise. Type 4s are very curious people that are able to dive into knowledge and become an expert in whatever they do.


The enneagram 3 wing 4 overview

This amazing blend brings out a new kind that is always seeking to trespass the limits and go further than others. They are like courageous sailors that want to prove where the horizon ends. Due to this ability, they’re very concerned about their thoughts and everything that happens in their inner world.  Going inwards is their only way to analyze and taste reality, but unfortunately, it also leads them into a strong disconnection from the outside.

As they are members of the same crew: The Feeling Triad, they are constantly dealing with their heart’s voice, surfing their feelings waves. But not in the same way. While 3s are likely out of touch and disconnected from what they feel, 4s are aware of their feelings but underexpress them. We could say that the real challenge for Enneagram type 3 wing 4 is to hear themselves and channel all the information they manage within their private streams and then manifest it. Just like sailors that always have new stories to tell, this type has a ton of them.

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Enneagram 3w4 Personality Traits

Basic Fear

Enneagram type 3 wing 4’s most basic fear is to fail. They’re afraid of not discovering something new, achieving something great, or even just not living an extraordinary life. As they measure themselves by their success, they feel that only by dedicating their whole life to their goals, their life will be valuable. I mean, who wouldn’t want to reach the top at least once in their life? For 3w4 it feels like an obligation though! They identify with this permanent pursuit and wouldn’t know who they were if they remained still. Their deepest fear is not being worthy of love, and feeling useless and not accepted.

Basic Desire

Enneagram type 3 wing 4’s most basic desire is to feel loved, accepted, and to be really good at something, reaching the top. They love feeling the breeze touch their skin, and seeing the world through the eye of a condor. They would climb up El Captan in Yosemite if someone dared them to. They can be very inspirational, but behind the scenes, they struggle to fit in and connect with others. In that sense, it’s hard for them to communicate, despite people being interested in them and enjoying listening to their stories. 

Enneagram 3w4 Strengths

The strengths of the 3w4 are related to their ability to overcome obstacles and reach their goals. They are methodical, attentive, and always willing to help. Being organized is their best ability, and they can easily recognize growth opportunities. Walking straight to their river spring is their style. Enneagram 3 wing 4 types are very committed to their tasks and are effortless when it comes to completing them. They take their goals very seriously. Success is their carrot, and they won’t rest until they eat it. Despite this strong commitment, they’re sociable people that love to be around other fun people that can cheer them up.

Enneagram 3w4 Weaknesses

Enneagram 3 wing 4 most important weakness is the fear of feeling unworthy if there aren’t lots of trophies on their shelf. With dedication, they pursue their dreams and accommodate to get their tasks done. But life is what happens while they are struggling for recognition. Sometimes, the pressure they feel is unsustainable, even though it’s better than dealing with failure or disappointment.

How Enneagram 3w4 personalities like to work

Learning how each personality works gives us powerful insights to overtake different situations and enhance our relationship potential. Let’s see some vital points to learn about the Enneagram type 4 wing 3.

Communicating with an Enneagram 3w4

Communicate clearly to make sure you’re on the same page. Share your expectations and how you project to finish tasks you have in common.  

Meeting with an Enneagram 3w4

Just be precise and go straight to the point. Talk about real and reachable goals and discuss points of view together. 

Emailing an Enneagram 3w4

When emailing, try to be brief and clear. Remember to acknowledge the work that has been done.

Giving feedback to an Enneagram 3w4

Give constructive feedback, always highlighting positive points. They seize opportunities for growth if the conditions are set. 

Resolving conflicts with an Enneagram 3w4

Talk openly about the conflict and how you feel about it. Together you can find a solution and set a new path to prevent future misunderstandings. 

Enneagram 3w4 Motivations

Enneagram 3w4’s motivation is working hard and focusing on their goals. They thrive when they accomplish tasks. The satisfaction of finally getting what took them so much effort and time is priceless. Their self-esteem shines brighter when that happens and they feel more confident to overcome new challenges. 

Enneagram 3w4 Stress

Enneagram type 3 wing 4 stresses out when things don’t go as expected, especially when they can’t get things done. They have a hard time accepting failure as it makes their self-reliance crumble. Frustration becomes hard to deal with and disconnects them from others which makes things worse. 

Enneagram 3w4 Jobs

The most common jobs for Enneagram type 3 wing 4 are: Architect, Marketer, Financial Analyst, Venture Capitalist, Publicist, Investment Banker, Lawyer, Politician. Everything that involves scheduling, analyzing, and meeting deadlines in the fast-paced rhythm of an adrenaline high is usually where they play best.

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